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As a family owned business founded in 1939, Dietz & Watson understands the importance of feeding your family the highest quality foods. Dietz & Watson Originals is a collection of family recipes that pay homage to their founder, Gottlieb Dietz, and the honest food of this day. It’s why we’ve worked with family farms to give you humanely raised proteins that have No Antibiotics Ever, no added hormones, organic-GMO free options, and rBGH free cheeses that are fresh and savory! Dietz & Watson Originals are also gluten-free and do not contain preservatives, nitrates or nitrites, artificial colors, flavors, fillers, extenders, or MSG. Choose from sliced fresh-to-order or pre-packaged varieties of our premium meats, artisan cheeses, gourmet franks, and chicken sausages.

Gluten freeNo added hormonesNo antibioticsNo artificial colorsNo artificial flavorsNo extendersNo fillersNo MSGNo nitratesNo nitritesNo preservativesrBGH free cheese

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My group loved Dietz & Watson Originals. Most of them had not heard of them. However, once they took a bite, they fell in love with the taste and flavor. They were amazed at how healthy it was. Thanks for the opportunity!
- Rosio F.

The adults and kids loved eating the Dietz & Watson lunchmeat sandwiches after our long day at the splash pad park!
- Ashleigh F.

We had a wonderful time sampling Dietz & Watson Originals meats and cheeses at our Mommy Meet up! I used the Turkey Avocado Crostini recipe card for our meet up and had a variety of meats and baby swiss cheeses for everyone to sample. The Organic Turkey was a BIG hit!!
- Jennifer B.

I didn’t even get all the plates and glasses on the table before everyone started attacking the cold cuts. Everything smelled and tasted so delicious, that the women were begging for the coupons way before they even left the meeting.
- Mary P.

This sampling was amazing. My group had an amazing day with all of the products. Their children had a great time, too. I ate some of the product with them, which was very good. They were so happy.
- Bangla D.

Everyone loved the meats and cheeses. They tasted amazing! One of my guests who attended went right out and bought a bunch of the meat at Randall’s using her coupons.
- Michele H.

We served Dietz and Watson Deli meats at our ‘end of the year’ Paradise Party. Both the kids and adults loved the taste and texture of the meats. Thanks for the free samples and coupons.
- Cathie B.

The meats and cheeses are probably the best deli meats and cheese my family has ever had! The coupons definitely helped soften the blow of the price for the meats and cheeses, which was nice and helpful!
- Brandie R.

I went to 2 different Giant Eagles. The first one only had 2-3 varieties of meats and only 2 varieties of cheeses. The second store was plentiful. The fried chicken breast and the buffalo wing hot pepper cheese were my personal favorites; a lot of flavors of lunch meats I had never tried before. We liked how it got us away from the normal standard flavors of lunch meats such as ham, turkey, and salami as well as giving me a bunch of choices. The price point is a little higher, but it has a gourmet feeling to it.
- Lauren B.

The meats and cheeses are great. The quality that the brands have can’t be compared, which is why my group and I understand the price. It would be great if they could provide 2-3 signature items that were always at a discounted price for families who just may not be able to pay the $8.99 a pound this week. However, the brand is amazing!
- Donnell C.

We love the products! The taste is like no other. I just wish the prices were a little lower.
- Heather L.

Our members loved the sampling and the meats were delicious. I wish these were more easily available though. I was able to find the Originals only at Mccaffrey’s Supermarket. None of the Shoprite or Acme stores in my area carry the Originals.
- Romilla P.

Great meats and cheeses, the ladies, kids and I LOVED the samples, thank you so much! However, we looked it up and they are only available at Albertson’s and the Albertson’s here is farther away for us to drive. We loved the samples, but it is out of our way to get to the Dietz & Watson deli meats and cheeses.
- Katie C.

Amazing experience! Loved the quality of the product and the value of the coupons! Love that they are a family business and from Philadelphia!!
- Crystal Y.

My group was impressed with Dietz & Watson Originals deli meats and cheeses! I believe some have said they are switching their current brand to this one, since it appears to be a great, healthy alternative to deli meat! I know I will be making a switch as well!
- Cassie D.

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  • February 7, 2017
    5 / 5

    The black forest Knockwursts are absolutely amazing. This brand is filled with amazing flavor and very moist. The little kids loved the different hams what we got. This brand it out of this world

  • February 1, 2017
    Rita Cruz Verified Review
    5 / 5

    Well the waiting and delay was worth it. We used the sampling to are New Year eve party and everyone loved them.
    We added to are families dishes and recipes that every family do and everyone left with full bellies and thankful for the new year 2017 plus the Dietz and Watson tasting products.
    Thank you so much for adding us for the sampling and wishing everyone in the Dietz and Watson a great happy new year 2017

  • January 31, 2017
    momoftwins Verified Review
    5 / 5

    The dietz and watson products are so good. Very healthy and natural

  • January 30, 2017
    Melanie Janke
    4 / 5

    We tried the roast beef and oven roasted turkey along with a horseradish cheddar and Muenster Cheese. The roast beef and horseradish cheese was everyone’s favorite paired together!

  • January 29, 2017
    Michelle Verified Review
    5 / 5

    My group sampled the Dietz and Watson lunchmeat and cheese. The quality and texture is great. The taste is fresh and better than other meats. We especially liked the brown sugar ham and the American cheese.

  • January 29, 2017
    Sunsmiles Verified Review
    5 / 5

    We loved thr cheeses and meats! Thanks!:)

  • January 27, 2017
    Tina Moyer Verified Review
    5 / 5

    We were only able to get the Deli Meats and the Sausage but everything was amazing! I wish we could have tried some of the Artisan cheeses but they did not have yet in our area. But with that being said we added our own cheeses, and added the deli meat to a tray and took with us to a Christmas Party. Many people asked especially about the Black Angus Roast Beef! Everyone must have liked it because it was gone before party was over! We cooked up the Sausages at Home and enjoyed with the family. We LOVED them!! Especially the Buffalo Chicken!
    I also liked the fact that they were All Natural with no Hormones or Antibiotics! Also NO Artificial Ingredients!! Love it!

  • amorty3
    January 27, 2017
    amorty3 Verified Review
    5 / 5

    I absolutely loved the dietz and Watson meats and cheeses we tried .. I made a meat and cheese platter for our family Christmas party and needless to say we left with an empty tray everyone just loved it…

  • January 26, 2017
    nurseboost Verified Review
    5 / 5

    the taste of every item i tried was outstanding. the selection at jewel was huge!

  • January 26, 2017
    Ash1141 Verified Review
    4 / 5

    These are the best meats and cheeses! They taste great and I love the variety. However, the cost is just too high to be able to purchase on a regular basis! 🙁

  • January 25, 2017
    5 / 5

    Great products and selection to choose from at Jewel. I love the taste of the Roast Beef, Turkey and Corned Beef. It just tastes like you made it at home.

  • January 25, 2017
    keely Verified Review
    5 / 5

    Great quality product. These meats are free from all the things we don’t want in our bodies and they have a great natural taste. Great product for your family meals.

  • January 25, 2017
    Otto Schneider
    5 / 5

    Love knowing the nutritional content without any fillers, gluten, hormones, etc. tastes great and I feel great feeding it to my family

  • January 24, 2017
    Tidi220 Verified Review
    5 / 5

    Delicious deli meat, cheese, and hot dogs! I’m super picky when it comes to lunch meat, and the Dietz &a Watson products exceeded my expectations. The meat was delicious, the texture was nice, each variety I tried was perfect.

  • January 24, 2017
    BECKY Gillis Verified Review
    5 / 5

    The best fresh meats and cheeses ever