A note from your Chief Mom Ambassador

Annie Douglass

Hi friends,

Welcome to Moms Meet. I’m so glad you stopped by to see what we are all about.

Our community is for moms (and also dads, grandparents, and other caretakers) who are genuinely interested in learning how to raise healthy and happy families. As a mom of three, I can wholeheartedly relate to the struggle every mom faces when it comes to making important choices for the family. As moms, all we want what is the best for our children; for them to be loved, feel safe, and to be healthy. My family is my number one priority, and I know our Moms Meet members feel the same way. That’s exactly why I’m so passionate about this very special community.

Whether you’re just looking to dip your toe into the world of greener living, or are already a pro, Moms Meet has something for you. From opportunities to sample free natural, organic and eco products and services, to the chance to connect with like-minded moms online and in person—the benefits are endless. I am truly honored to be a part of this amazing community and to have met so many fabulous women who are passionate about leading a healthier lifestyle. I’m hoping to meet you, too. Please join us today.

Annie Douglass
Chief Mom Ambassador
Moms Meet

How it all began

Maxine Wolf

Maxine Wolf created May Media Group, LLC in 2006. Like so many moms, she was inspired by her experience raising her daughter, Maylee, who was 7 years old at the time. As a result, Maxine launched, KIWI magazine…Growing families the natural and organic way to help parents raise their children the healthiest way possible. Confronted with the challenges of balancing parenting in the real world versus the ideal world, Maxine created KIWI as a means of educating moms about better-for-you choices in a non-judgmental, balanced and fun format. The response was overwhelming. Maxine soon realized the need for a similar online and in-person meeting place for like-minded moms. She also believed that providing moms with the opportunity to actually try natural, organic and eco products would help them learn first-hand just how easy it could be to raise healthier families. Moms Meet was born in 2009 and in a short time has grown exponentially.

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