Ease Your Food Allergy Anxieties With This Tiny, Portable, & Accurate Food Sensor

Health & Wellness | April 13, 2021

For parents of children with food allergies, life can be filled with endless anxieties, from extensive label reading to worrying about the safety of dishes prepared by others.

Unfortunately, there are a ton of anxious parents out there right now: food allergies affect 32 million Americans and between 220 and 520 million people globally. In the United States alone, that’s 1 in 13 children and 1 in 10 adults. About 1 in 4 Americans (85 million people) avoid buying food products that contain the top nine allergens.

Parents, caretakers, and people managing food allergies need an additional tool to help them and their loved ones engage in activities that bring them joy. This inspired the creation of the Allergy Amulet—the world’s smallest and fastest consumer sensor that detects food allergens—because food should be a source of fuel, not fear.

The Amulet will launch this fall. Make sure you’re on their list to receive alerts when it’s available for purchase!

Now, let’s talk more about this sensor.

How the Amulet Works

The Amulet contains proprietary sensor technology that detects common allergenic ingredients within seconds. You can test everything from granola bars and cupcakes to salads and soups. Its sleek and portable design means it can easily be carried on a keychain, necklace, wristband, or in a backpack or pocket, making it the perfect tool to fit into your (or your child’s) everyday life.

Testing for food allergens with the Amulet involves four simple steps:

●  Step 1:  Insert food into the sampler and turn to grind.

●  Step 2: Connect the sampler to the Amulet. 

●  Step 3: The Amulet displays whether or not the allergen is present.  

●  Step 4: Optional – Pair with their app to store test results, connect with the food allergy community, and alert emergency contacts.

Scientifically Validated & Allergist Approved

The Amulet is slated to be the most affordable, fastest, and sleekest food sensor on the market. Its design offers a simple way to test foods without requiring long wait times or complex testing procedures.

The Amulet was subjected to peer review earlier this year. Their data was published in Food Chemistry, one of the nation’s leading journals in food analysis and detection. Learn more about the accuracy of its testing and the technology here.

The Amulet also has the support of top allergists. According to allergist Dr. Jordan Scott, “One of the biggest issues my patients face is maintaining strict allergen avoidance, even with their best efforts. What Allergy Amulet is offering will be hugely beneficial to my patients and the food allergy community at large.”

Another Tool in Your Tool Belt

The Amulet is another tool in your allergy management tool belt. Because the Amulet samples a portion of the dish, it is intended as a supplement, not a substitute, to the standard precautionary measures one would otherwise take (e.g., carrying epinephrine) when eating food prepared by others.

“Many of my patients live with a fear of a possible allergic reaction with any meal,” says Dr. John Lee, clinical director of the Food Allergy Program at Boston Children’s Hospital. “To have an extra layer of security that allows them to quickly and reliably detect allergens in their food could help ease their anxieties and improve their overall quality of life.”

The current standard of care for food allergy management is to avoid trigger foods, inject epinephrine to treat reactions when they occur, and often, to visit the emergency room. With half of people managing food allergies reporting at least one allergic reaction per year, an extra layer of safety in avoiding allergens could help many individuals and families have better peace of mind.

The Amulet Is Personal

Allergy Amulet was founded by Abigail Barnes—lawyer-turned-entrepreneur, dog mom, and life-long food allergy sufferer. Growing up, she was allergic to dozens of foods. Birthday parties were challenging to navigate, and holidays were even harder. “When the food that sustains you can also kill you, eating can be less of an enjoyable experience, and more of an anxiety-inducing struggle,” says Barnes.

The Allergy Amulet team is also made up of the people they serve—mothers of food-allergic children and individuals with food allergies—who all share a common vision of alleviating the fear about what’s in your food.

“While I’d love to see a cure for food allergies, there’s not one on the horizon. So the more tools the food allergy community has, the safer those with food allergies will be,” says Barnes. “This sensor is for the little girl that was assured the cupcake was safe, but left it sitting on her plate. Because honey, you deserve to eat cake!”

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