Real Mom Story: Geraldine & Steven

February 12, 2016

When it came time to wean my son, I knew he might have trouble with cow milk formula, in large part because of our experience with our first child. I breastfed our daughter for almost a year and when it came time to introduce food, I noticed that she didn’t do well with cow milk products like cheese and milk. She was always snotty and seemed uncomfortable, but until I was referred to Dr. Mary Anne I thought ‘this is just the way it is’.

The first thing Dr. Mary Anne said to me was, “avoid cow milk”. Within a month my daughter was doing amazing, it was an amazing transformation. Not fussy, not snotty. When I stopped breastfeeding Steven, I gave him some of my pumped, frozen milk and topped him up with cow milk formula, hoping he wouldn’t have this same experience.

He quickly started getting snotty, but I didn’t want to assume that it was the milk. What if it was a tooth coming in? Or a cold? When it didn’t clear up, I briefly tried a hydrolyzed, hypoallergenic formula – but the way it tasted and smelled made me think, “I cannot give this to my kid!” I tried a lactose-free formula, but he still was snotty and spitting. He also experienced a lot of constipation – on one cow milk formula he didn’t go for two weeks straight!

Dr. Mary Anne said, “If you’re going to go for formula, go goat”. I started KABRITA and I noticed a big change within 10 days – now he has a poo each day. He takes KABRITA no problem. He sleeps better at night. He just seems happy. He seems happy, so we’re happy.


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