3 Reasons To Use The Vets: A Mobile Veterinary Service

Sampling Fun | August 30, 2022

Anyone with a pet understands the stress associated with a trip to the veterinarian (for the owner and the pet.) And while we would do anything for our beloved companions, we can’t help but wish the experience was just a little less stressful. Well, now it can be! The Vets bring pet care straight to your home. They offer the full range of treatments as a traditional veterinarian office, including wellness exams, sick care, diagnostics, and more. All you need to do is book an appointment online and The Vets will come to you, offering a much more relaxed experience for you and your best friend.

Our Blog Ambassadors were recently given the opportunity to try The Vets. See what they thought below. 

1. The Process is Easy (for you and your pet)

“I am fairly confident that Duke did not even realize that he received his annual exam, blood draw, or shots while The Vets were at our home. To him, it just seemed like two new friends were visiting. I will definitely use The Vets again in the future because the whole experience was positive, easy, and stress-free.” – My Big Fat Happy Life

2. You Get Answers  

“The focus on pet-parent education about animal health and wellness was great. Dr. Ngo and her vet tech, Lea, were amazing. They answered all of my questions about Fiona’s health and got to the bottom of her “cough.” It turns out it was not a cough, but a reverse sneeze. She may be allergic to pollen (everything outside our house is blooming and dropping pollen like whoa right now.) Now we have a plan of action to help mitigate her allergies.” – Hewes Family Fun

3. They Provide A Personalized Experience     

“I worked with a booking agent to find an appointment that best fit my needs. The Vets team carefully reviewed my cats’ previous vet records to give us a personalized medical experience. This was really important to me, as both Nixie and Hugo have prior medical conditions that needed to be addressed. I didn’t have to spend a lot of our appointment time explaining them because they already knew their history. They even gave tips on how to give Nixie her daily eye drops and I was able to get her prescription filled on the spot since they already knew her health background. I’m so happy I tried a mobile vet!” –  I Am The Maven

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