4 #ColdandFlu Prevention Tips from our #RainbowLight Twitter Party

Health & Wellness, Holidays & Parties, Sampling Fun | November 23, 2015

As colder weather approaches, so does concerns of colds and influenza. Recently, many Moms Meet members attended our #ColdandFlu Twitter party, hosted by Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems and KIWI magazine, to learn how to best prevent potential sniffles and sneezes. Rainbow Light shared suggestions for boosting immunity, plus they gave 10 lucky participants prize packs full of Rainbow Light products! In case you couldn’t make it, here’s what you missed:

Tip No. 1: Most kids do not meet USDA recommendations for daily fruit and vegetable intake. Taking a daily multivitamin can help fill gaps in your family’s diet to support optimal health for all.

@kkschwarz2009 Lots of picky kids. It’s tough to find veggies everyone will eat.

@MomLuvsSPORTZ my son is picky he is a meat and potato type kid lol

@DaPryz I’m lucky if I can get my 4 year old to eat anything other than carbs or dairy! It’s frustrating

@LoriLeal1 I notice a huge difference for myself and my son when we supplement vitamins & minerals along with our diet!


Tip No. 2: Gummie vitamins are an excellent alternative for children and adults who are uncomfortable swallowing pills. Power Sours have 200% daily value of vitamin C for extra immune support and vitamin A, E, and zinc to boost immunity. Gummy Bear Essentials Multivitamin & Minerals are a fruity alternative to the Power Sours.

@TrishAnita I want the gummies for the whole fam!

@RontalJudith I love gummie vitamins! Makes it something I want to eat!

                                              @busymommylistmy My 12 year old will refuse to swallow and would rather chew lol

                                              @Obsessedportia My littles are obsessed with these gummie vitamins!


Tip No. 3: Remind your child that a major key to illness prevention is handwashing. Have your child sing the ABC’s while washing to ensure adequate time spent at the sink.

@anlamama I may have to borrow this idea. Genius.

@mummadear Great way to teach proper hand washing

@jenniferd333 I always ask “did you wash your hands?” After bathroom, before they eat….etc

@kaitlinannrn I remind my son to wash his hands during school days frequently bc many germs harbor there


Tip No. 4: Sleep has been shown to affect the immune system. Follow the recommended guidelines for optimal health.

@AmyMarieSantee Not sure I remember what sleep is.

@TrishAnita Less sleep means lowered immune system! Get that rest!

@shadow62310 So important to get a good nights rest cut that technology off at night


Want to see all of the conversations from this event? Go to twitter.com and search for both hashtags #RainbowLight and #ColdandFlu to get a full recap. To learn more about Rainbow Light products, visit rainbowlight.com.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this event, and congratulations to the 10 lucky winners!

Winner’s List:


Our Mom Ambassadors are currently sampling Rainbow Light products through our Moms Meet Ambassador program . If you would like to become a Mom Ambassador and try products like this for free, apply here!



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