4 must have spring cleaning supplies

Health & Wellness | April 17, 2014

It’s that time of year again. Put on your rubber gloves, and start scrubbing—it’s time for spring cleaning. We’ve rounded up our favorite go-to products to share with you (just click the product title to learn more).


Mrs. Meyer’s Countertop Spray

Even our Mom Ambassadors agree that this countertop cleaner simply can’t be beat. It comes in a variety of garden-fresh scents, and even though it’s made with all-natural ingredients it’s got some serious cleansing power. The special vegetable protein extract included in the formula effectively cuts through grease but is gentle enough to use on surfaces throughout your home.

E-Cloth Dusting Cloth

Americans send 3,000 tons of paper towels to landfills each year. Yikes! Instead of dusting down surfaces with chemical-laden sprays and wasting all those tons, switch to a microfiber cloth like this one. The microfibers effectively trap dust instead of just spreading it on surfaces or tossing it into the air. Simply toss into the washing machine when you’re done and it’s ready to be re-used.


JR Watkins Tub and Tile Cleaner

Need to fight off some serious soap scum? Look no further than this spray from JR Watkins. The formula is free of phosphates, which means it won’t irritate sensitive skin, but still effectively fights off hard water stains and scum. Plus, the cleaner is spot-free and totally safe for your septic system! We also love the alluring citrus scent.


Full Circle Home Grout and Tile Brush

When it comes down to it, nothing cleans your kitchen grout or bath tiles like a good old-fashioned scrub, but old-fashioned brushes can be hard to manage. This iron-shaped brush from Full Circle has an ergonomic handle, making this household chore a lot easier. Plus, the brush is lined with two types of bristles. The softer outer ones are perfect for tile, while the strong narrow hairs in the center really dig deeply into the grout. Oh and did we mention it’s made out of recycled plastic and bamboo?


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