4 Reasons Why Bloggers Should Attend the WOW Summit

September 26, 2018

In the past three years, I have been to plenty of conferences. Although all of these events are similar in the sense that you get to network and learn, the Moms Meet WOW Summit is pretty unique.

What makes the WOW Summit different than any other conference I’ve been to is the opportunity to network with brands on a much closer level. Thanks to the WOW Summit, I have been able to make long-term partnerships with brands I adore.

The connections I’ve made during this event have changed my blogging career for the better. And because of this, the WOW Summit is one of the few conferences I go to every single year.

Here are 4 reasons why bloggers should attend the WOW Summit:

It’s an intimate event, and intimate means better networking

Since the WOW Summit has one day for bloggers, you will find that it is not as crowded as other events focused solely on bloggers. (Day two of the WOW Summit is open to all parents.) This means that you are able to have meaningful conversations with brands and make long-lasting connections.

There are plenty of opportunities within the Summit to the connect with brands. They’re present throughout the whole day. There’s an Exhibit Hall where you can meet and sample their products. And there’s an invite-only brand networking session. You can also connect with the reps at the cocktail party on Friday evening. In my experience, this is where the best partnerships come from because you get to make a real connection and truly understand where both the brand and your blog stand.

Since the WOW Summit is more intimate, this also means that it is a lot easier to connect with other bloggers. If you haven’t started networking with your fellow bloggers, you should make this a priority. I have gotten far in my career thanks to amazing bloggers who have shared their knowledge with me. This wouldn’t have happened had I not had the chance to network. Yes, you can network online, too, but the connections you make in person are a lot stronger and more fruitful.

You can stand out as a professional blogger

If you are blogging professionally, meaning you are running your blog like a business, and you want to make long lasting relationships, this is THE event to attend. It is a lot easier to stand out as a professional blogger at the WOW Summit. It is a more intimate event and has bloggers in attendance with a much wider range of experience than other events.

Do your research before the Summit, check out the brands that are coming, make a list of the ones you want to work with, and be sure to make time to connect with them during the summit. I recommend you do this on Friday,  as this is the blogger-only day, so they will have more time for one-on-one conversations.

The brands are amazing—really!

We all want safer and healthier products for our family, whether you’re into a natural lifestyle or not. The WOW Summit connects you with these type of companies.

As a health and wellness blogger, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to conferences only to find out I can’t partner with most of the brands that attend because my blog is focused on natural products. I don’t have this problem at the WOW Summit since every single brand is safe, natural, and many are even organic.

Regardless of if you focus on organic products or not, these brands are great to partner with because, given the choice, any person would buy the healthier version if they knew about it.

During the WOW Summit, you will probably discover companies you’ve never heard of, ones that your audience might love, and products that you can proudly recommend because they are made with clean ingredients. Keep in mind that your goal is not to partner with every single brand from the Summit, but to partner with the ones you really love and that your audience will like, too.

You will make blogging friends

Some blogging conferences feel like you showed up late to a party where everyone knows each other. For someone like me, who is an introvert when I don’t know people, it is really hard to connect with other bloggers at bigger conferences.

But since the WOW Summit is a much more intimate conference and not everyone knows each other, it is really easy to make new friends. And believe me, you can’t ever have too many friends when it comes to blogging.

The friendships I have made during this event have lasted throughout the years. We have helped each other out so much, and it has been amazing to see all of our blogs grow. 

If I had to tell you in one word how the WOW Summit is different than other conferences, it comes down to networking. If you’ve attended other conferences before, you will find that the quality of networking is a lot better at the WOW Summit and the opportunities to go past a simple hello and business card exchange are truly there!

In order to best prepare yourself for the WOW Summit, here are some useful tips:

  • Bring a media kit: Make a one-page media kit with relevant information for the brand: what your blog is about, who you are, who your readers are, what you focus on, and your stats. Print 20 copies of this media kit and give it to the brands you truly want to work with.
  • Bring lots of business cards: Make sure you bring enough business cards to pass around to fellow blogging friends as well as the brands. You never know when you’ll need one, so bring more than you think you’ll need.
  • Perfect your elevator pitch: Practice explaining in 30–60 seconds what your blog is about.
  • Learn who your reader is: If you don’t know by now who your reader/audience is, it’s time to check your analytics and survey your followers so you can have a better sense. We can’t serve everyone in the world and this is why knowing who you are talking to is so valuable. It will help you write the right posts and connect with the right brands.
  • Don’t bring your kids, if possible: When my kids were babies they went with me to every conference, but this meant that after each event I would dash to my room to meet up with them. I missed so many chances to network because I simply wasn’t there. Now that I go alone I am able to make more and better quality connections.
  • Put yourself out there: I know how hard it can be to get out of your comfort zone, especially at events like this when you don’t know anyone. But the last thing you want is to go back home and feel like you wasted opportunities to network. Say hi, start conversations—everyone is really nice and I assure you, you won’t have a bad experience.

So, what do you say? Are you coming to the WOW Summit? See you there!

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