4 Tips for Taking Winning Sampling Photos

Sampling Fun | March 25, 2016

We love receiving photos from our Mom Ambassadors and can’t wait to see yours! Before grabbing your camera, you should know we’ve added a new way to earn prizes. The top three photo submissions from each sampling program will now each win a $25 Amazon gift card! So how do we judge the photos? Here are some guidelines and tips we suggest for taking a winning photo:

1. Always include the product

Include the product you’re sampling in your picture and make sure that it’s clearly visible. Make sure that no other products are visible in the photo.

2. Take a group shot

Everything is better with friends, so grab all of your fellow moms (and kids) and snap a picture together. Make sure to include the product you’re sampling and feature only one brand in each photo.

3. Show us your recipes

Are you trying out a recipe? Show off your culinary skills in your photo. Not only is this a great way to sample the products, but it also makes a great picture. Don’t forget to make sure the product packaging is visible and that your photo features the person preparing the tasty treat. We also love to see photos of your final creation. So, if possible, send us two photos; one with the product package and one with a beautiful shot of your finished recipe.

4. Check your image quality

A picture’s worth a thousand words, but only if you can see it! Make sure you are submitting photographs that aren’t dark, blurry, or cut off. 

Other photography tips:

  • Camera: Whether you choose to use a cell phone or digital camera for your photos, remember to always ensure you have a clean lens. Many times, cell phone cameras have oil and debris on them and this may affect your photos.
  • Lighting: The best source of lighting is natural, so try to take your photos near a natural light source, such as a window, during daylight hours.   Always stand with the light facing you, not behind you.  If you choose to take your photos at night, be sure that you have adequate indoor lighting. If you are unsure, try taking a photo in different rooms to see which location has the best results.
  • Background:  Pay careful attention to what is in the background of your photos. Try to avoid having other products, product logos, personal items or information, and television shows in your background.
  • Tell a story: Be creative, the options are endless! Show us how much fun you had at your sampling party.
  • Note: please submit photos individually and not as part of a collage.

If your group members are not comfortable with being photographed, you can submit a great photo! Here are some suggestions: photograph all of their hands holding the product or take photos from angles that do not show their faces. You can also photograph yourself getting ready for the meeting by decorating a table or using the product in a recipe or meal. You can even hold up a platter dish with the product you are passing around. As long as the photo shows that a meeting took place, that is all we need.


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