4 Ways for Kids to Enjoy Monstrously Good Popcorn

Food & Recipes, Sampling Fun | August 31, 2021

Between school, work, and extracurricular activities, many families are constantly on the go. One way to confront a snack attack and make sure you’re giving your kids proper nutrition is to hand your kid a bag of Monster Pop™ Big-Time Butter Popcorn. It’s made with four simple, real ingredients, including popcorn, sunflower oil, butter, and sea salt—and nothing artificial. Plus, kids love the flavors and monster-themed packaging! 

Our Blog Ambassadors were recently given the opportunity to try Monster Pop Real-Time Butter Popcorn. See what they thought about this kid-friendly snack as well as their suggestions for how to best enjoy Monster Pop below. 

Back-to-School Snacking

Monster Pop comes in individual half-ounce bags in two great-tasting flavors: Big-Time Butter and Cheeserfiic Cheese.

“It’s back-to-school time and for many parents that means back to packing lunches. I saw Monster Pop, with its brightly colored bag and fun monster characters. It has the look of a fun treat, but with the ingredients of a healthy snack.” – Geek Mamas

“Both the cheese and butter options were delicious, but the kids had their clear favorites. My daughter loved the cheese flavor, and my son loved the butter. The individual snack-sized bags make it perfect for school but also for our next hiking or camping adventure.”  – The Beckham Project

Movie Night Treat

The sharing-size bag (4.75-ounce) is great for pouring into a bowl for your next family movie night. 

“I suggest pairing Monster Pop popcorn with a scary movie fest. Packaged in adorable brightly colored monster bags, the popcorn is fresh, natural, crunchy and absolutely the way popcorn SHOULD be. Corn, sunflower oil, salt, and butter. That’s it. No fake yellow dye or other preservatives that can make pre-packaged popcorn taste like cardboard.”  – Bored Mom

“When it comes to our movie nights, we love snacks! We have the popcorn, candy, and beverages ready! Depending on the weather, we have the windows open for the fresh air or cuddled under the blankets with plenty of pillows.” – Beauty Brite

Grab-and-Go Bag

Monster Pop is a quick and convenient snack to munch on in the car on the way to sports and activities.

“Monster Pop Big-Time Butter Popcorn is our go-to for after school and on the go because it has a fresh buttery taste, is free of artificial ingredients and high fructose corn syrup, and has 0 grams of trans fat. My girls love taking this along to sports practices with the convenient 0.5 oz small bags. – Peace Love Organic Mom

Monster-Themed Party Favor 

Monster Pop is a healthy snack option for your next monster-themed birthday party or to hand out on Halloween instead of candy.

“Let’s have a snack the kids will love at your monster party with crunchy treats and better Monster Pop Big-Time Butter Popcorn. You can place a monster stand, and on each level, place cones filled with Monster Pop.” – What’s Up Dearie

“The snack-size bags are ideal for Halloween handouts for the neighborhood kids or for the classroom. Little ghouls and goblins will love this healthy, natural, and gluten-free treat.” – Fawn Handcrafted Celebrations

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