5 On-The-Go Recipes with the Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter

Food & Recipes, Member Spotlight | October 11, 2018

As moms, we only have so much time in the day to fix up a meal before we’re out the door for the day. Using a blender after meal prepping the night before makes it easier, but what about clean up? With the help of the Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter, you can say goodbye to the mess and hello to the convenience of blending right in the cup! Made out of BPA-free, insulated material with a leak-proof seal, this dual-purpose blending container easily becomes a travel cup with a spill-proof lid. Check out a few of our favorite on-the-go recipes created by our Moms Meet Bloggers:

Breakfast Smoothie

Jennifer from Engineer Mommy starts out her day with a delicious smoothie blend containing coconut milk, frozen raspberries, hazelnut spread, and collagen powder.

Banana Cinnamon Roll Smoothie

Enjoy a healthier version of a traditional cinnamon roll with this recipe created by Donna from Whole Food Bellies. “It even has added oats, which means you can have dessert for breakfast!”

Berrylicious Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

Tracy from Having Fun Saving made this superfood-packed smoothie recipe for her on-the-go needs. “Most days I am drinking my protein shake on the way to Jazzercise or to run errands, so Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter is perfect for me.”

Strawberry Raspberry Smoothie

This quick and easy recipe by Theresa from Dear Creatives can help any kiddo get the nutrition they need during school. The Personal Cup Adapter even has a sturdy built-in ring for clipping to backpacks!

Vanilla Chai Almond Butter

Not in the mood for a smoothie? Dianna from The Kitchen Prep created this delectable almond butter that she pairs with fruit. “The combo keeps me satisfied and is easy to munch between shooting recipes and writing blog posts.”

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What on-the-go recipes would you create with your Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter? Share Below!

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