5 Indoor Activities for Kids and Families

Family Fun & Activities | January 15, 2016

In the winter months, we often find ourselves stuck indoors—sometimes without a plan to keep our energetic kids happy while they are cooped up in the house!
Rather than reaching for the television remote or a game console, we suggest these family-friendly activities to keep everyone amused—and spending time together.

1. Bake with your kids.

There are many easy, healthy, and kid-friendly recipes available online to help pass the time, including Bob’s Red Mill Davy Crockett No-Bake Cookies. These cookies are made with healthy ingredients, and recipe substitutions can easily make the cookies gluten-free, lactose-free, or vegan. And best yet—the recipe doesn’t require dealing with a hot oven! Find the recipe here.


2. Create a marching band.

You don’t need expensive instruments to make a band of your own! Make your own with pots and pans, beans in a coffee can, buckets, or a container filled with water. We challenge you to lead the band through the house while marching as you go! You can find some other Rainy Day Play suggestions here.


3. Snuggle up with some books.

This is the perfect way to calm the kids down for naptime. If you’re animal lovers, the ASPCA kids Rescue Readers book series would be perfect for family reading time. These heartwarming and humorous tales from the pet’s point of view will help teach your child the importance of animal care, protection, and love.


 4. Sneak in the education

One fun way to learn math at home is to turn it into a game! There are lots of ways to keep math on their mind, whether it’s by asking them to find shapes and patterns in everyday objects around the house or by playing age-appropriate card games. Learn more by reading 5 Fun Activities to Reinforce Your Child’s Math Skills.


5. Have an indoor treasure hunt.

This is also a great way to get your children of all ages to play together! Seal clues in envelopes—then, after giving them the first clue, watch them problem solve and work as a team to find all the clues hidden around the house that will lead them to the treasure!


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