5 must do field trips this spring!

Family Fun & Activities | April 11, 2014

My kids are always on the go, taking every chance they get to explore outside our home. That is why field trips are such a great opportunity for our family to bond; they get to participate in fun, interactive, and educational experiences that just simply don’t exist inside our playroom. Check out some of our favorite spring day trip ideas, here:

Fire Station:

Now is a great time to schedule a visit to your local fire station. Oftentimes, the firefighters give kids a tour of the station, a chance to sit in the truck, and learn a lesson on fire safety. This trip not only connects my kid with the local community, but also gives them a chance to do some hands-on learning.  Hearing the siren blare and seeing the heavy-duty fire hoses around the station never gets old. We always bring snacks for the firefighters and send a thank you note afterwards!

IMG_0867U-Pick Farm:

For many families, starting and maintaining a garden is impossible with busy schedules. The U-pick (sometimes called PYO for “pick your own”) farm near you is the next best thing. Little ones can get fresh air, see what a real farm looks like, and experience a harvest firsthand. I recommend calling ahead to make sure the fields are open for picking, and in some cases you can check online for a crop calendar (to see if your preferred fruit or veggie is available). If there’s no U-pick farms near you, there may be a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm nearby willing to provide a tour.


Spring is a great time to check out local playgrounds and parks. Jazz it up and keep things fresh by visiting a new playground each day of the week. Your kids will get to climb and swing in different environments, making good use of their creative play skills. As you rotate between parks, don’t forget to have the kids record their favorite places in a journal, so you can sneak in a quick handwriting lesson and know what places to visit again.

Nature Park:

We like to visit parks that encourage nature exploration before the summer heat sets in. Choosing a one nearby encourages kids to explore their natural environment, breathe fresh air, and get a little bit of exercise. A big tip: start small and work your way up. We usually begin with shorter one-mile hikes at the beginning of the spring and then work our way up to arduous five-mile walks later in the season.

Floral Shop:

Visiting floral shops is one of our favorite spring field trips of all time. We pay a visit to our local florist and participate in a mini-class on flower arranging. You can call a few of the shop owners in your area to see if they’d be willing to do the same! Once you find your florist, work with them to set a date, time, and price limit. When we did this, the florist had a workstation set up for us when we arrived. She taught the children how to arrange flowers and let them create their own masterpieces. This trip really encourages creativity.


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