5 Reasons Why Olives Are the Perfect On-The-Go Snack

Food & Recipes, Member Spotlight, Sampling Fun | November 27, 2019

Olives—they’re cherished all over the world, so why aren’t they always the on-the-go snack option for the bustling mom? High in vitamin E as well as other powerful antioxidants, olives play a key role in the Mediterranean diet. Plus they’re low in cholesterol, so they’re a great heart-healthy snack.

However, taking olives from a traditional jar can often be messy to pack, making them a little inconvenient. That’s where Lindsay Olives comes in. Our Moms Meet Bloggers recently tried Lindsay Snack and Go! Olives, a mom-friendly on-the-go snack cup with four mouth-watering varieties. See what they had to say:

They’re Convenient

lunch with lindsay olive snack cups

If you thought olives were too messy to pack, then don’t worry! According to Hannah from Bitter Sweet, “No excess liquid to spill, no refrigeration necessary, these perfectly portioned little disposable cups are the ultimate travel companions.”

You Can’t Go Wrong With Fruit

hanger management bag with olive cups

Did you know that olives are actually fruit? Monica from Brigham Knows Best learned this as she sampled Lindsay Snack and Go! Olives. Olives can be an easy, guilt-free snack for the entire family. Plus, they won’t even know they’re fruits!

They’re Versatile

lunch with opened olives cup

“I love the fact that these olives have versatility usage,” says Gunjan from Kiip Fit. “So, when not snacking on them I personally use them in my cooking and or as toppings.”

Diet (And Calorie!) Friendly

lindsay snack and go olives packaging

Dara from Not In Jersey loved that Lindsay Snack and Go! Olives are low in calories so they’re perfect to throw into any snacking situation. Plus, friendly for diets such as keto, Whole30, paleo, vegan, and gluten free.

Bring Them Anywhere

person holding an olive cup by a beach

The best part about these little cups is that they can go anywhere. Terumi from An Emerald City Life put this to the test. From Canada to New Mexico, Lindsay Snack and Go! Olives were her snacks of choice.

Visit our Product Review page to see what moms had to say about Lindsay Snack and Go! Olives.

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