Balancing Family and Work: 5 Tips for Working Moms

Member Spotlight, Parenting | July 17, 2018

When you’re a working mom, trying to find the balance between family and work is tough. Working means you are usually getting home between 4–6 p.m. That doesn’t give you much time between getting home and putting the little one to bed.

After arriving home, many things need to happen in a short time span: dinner, play, bath, and preparation for tomorrow. The quality time spent together with your children and husband are minimal Monday to Friday. As the mom, you need balance. Without balance, life can get tough.

Here are some tips to balance work and kids:

Leave work at the office

Creating a balance between your work and your kids starts with leaving work at the office. If you must take work home, schedule a morning on the weekend or a night or two during the week that you are designated to work. This way there is balance between when your husband is watching the kids and when they are spending time with you. Doing everything after your children are put to sleep is not realistic and takes away from your sleep and personal time.

Let go of the guilt

Many working moms feel guilty for leaving their children with others to go to work. Do not feel guilty that you are working. Letting go of your guilt can help you feel better overall. When you must work late, balance it out by leaving early one day to spend time with your kids. Knowing they are in good hands also helps take the guilt and stress off your shoulders. Feeling guilty doesn’t make anyone feel better, and it makes it harder to do your job.

Remember, the reason you are working is to give your family a better life and provide for them. When children become school age, they will be spending the same amount of time with you as if you were working anyway. Don’t be too hard on yourself! You are their provider and just because you are working and they are at daycare does not mean you will have less of a relationship.

Sign up for extracurricular activities

Although it might seem like one more thing, planning activities for the family to do each week is guaranteed quality time spent together. This might seem like more on your plate, but as a working mom, this is a great time to spend with your child. You could sign up for gymnastics, soccer, music, reading, etc. Check out the local library for events with parents on the weekends. Being able to watch them in a fun, structured environment is a great way to spend quality time and makes them feel proud. 

Organize the night before to make mornings easier

Get lunches ready the night before. Take out your clothes and your children’s clothes before they go to sleep. Put things in the car that you are taking with you the next day. Time in the morning is extremely important when trying to get out of the house on time.

Keep a daily planner

Knowing what your overall plan for the month looks like can save you tons of stress. Schedule in activities, visits with friends, shopping, nail care, visits with family, date nights, doctors’ appointments, extracurricular activities, and late nights at work. Having to manage multiple family members’ extracurricular activities is not an easy task. Using a planner can help keep track of everything and keep order.

Do you have any tips for your fellow working moms? Share in the comments below.

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