6 Reasons to Switch to Natural and Fluoride Free Toothpastes

Family Fun & Activities, Health & Wellness | December 7, 2021

There’s only one way to ensure your smile shines bright for years to come: take care of your teeth! The first step to good oral hygiene is proper and regular brushing. To keep your pearly whites clean and bright, choose a natural toothpaste that helps fight the bacteria that causes tooth decay and cavities. Our Canadian Blog Ambassadors were recently given the opportunity to sample Green Beaver Naturapeutic and Flouride Free Toothpastes. See what they thought below. 

1. Natural means less chemicals.

“Green Beaver is a natural, vegan-friendly toothpaste made from all-natural ingredients. It’s fluoride free and won’t harm your teeth or mouth! I found that this toothpaste will keep your mouth feeling fresh all day without harmful ingredients that are found in regular toothpaste brands. Papaya is the natural ingredient in the whitening toothpaste that claims to whiten your teeth in as little as 3 days. I used it for a week and definitely noticed brighter teeth with less stains! Plus it didn’t make my teeth super sensitive like regular whitening products do.” – Seaside Sundays

2. Prevents cavities and tooth decay.

 “Unlike other toothpastes, the Green Beaver kids’ toothpastes are made with xylitol, which comes from birch extract. A natural sweetener, xylitol helps in the absorption of calcium and the strengthening of your child’s teeth. It prevents the production of acid (which weakens tooth enamel) and reduces bacteria (which cause cavities). While the kids were happy with the taste of their new toothpastes, I was happy with the assurance that it will fight cavities (because we’ve dealt with a few of those).” – The Koala Mom

3. They leave your teeth feeling lightweight, clean, and fresh.

On to the performance, this toothpaste performed so well! The toothpaste felt particularly gentle on the teeth, which is a stark contrast to the more abrasive feel of traditional, fluoride-heavy toothpaste. It felt super lightweight and to my benefit—the Green Beaver did not produce as much “gunk” as traditional toothpastes (win!) Regardless, the teeth still felt polished, well-cleaned, and smooth. I particularly appreciated how fresh our breaths smelt for the entirety of the day.” – Vanesa Mariana

4. They are effective at whitening and brightening.

“My teenager and husband are concerned about the whiteness level of their teeth, but also scared about other whitening toothpastes that use harsh chemicals that make already sensitive teeth more sensitive. Green Beaver’s Ultra-Whitening Toothpaste contains papaya extract and has been clinically proven to whiten teeth naturally after just three days of use. This one was my big kid’s favorite.” – Piece of Pie

5. Real ingredients = great taste.

“It’s amazing to see that Green Beaver has options like bubble gum and strawberry! The first one my daughter reached for was a strawberry! I love the fact that it’s safe to swallow because she is still getting used to toothpaste and there are a few times where she forgets spit. Also it’s made of REAL strawberries! Again just because it’s fluoride free doesn’t mean that it won’t do what a fluoride toothpaste will do. You still get prevention of the tooth decay and an amazing taste.” – My Spiced Life

6. Green Beaver’s flavors are kid-approved. 

“My kids would actually ask if they could brush their teeth again—right after they just did it! While I am not recommending that, I am definitely saying that this has never happened before. My littles have never asked me if they could brush their teeth let alone back to back. While they were all about the Bubble gum for a straight week, they quickly became curious of the other flavors.” – Lovely Little Wild Birds

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