Back to School With My 8-Year-Old

Note from Chief Mom Ambassador | September 9, 2015


Ella was so excited for her first day back to school she jumped for joy at the bus stop.

It’s that time of year again! You know summer has ended when your kids stop asking to go to the beach and start asking when they can go shopping for school supplies.

For the past few weeks, my soon-to-be third grader has made it her mission to get a new backpack—and not just any backpack. At every possible opportunity, Ella asked to go shopping for an animal-print backpack. Let me tell you…when an 8-year-old girl is on a mission, look out!

So with a new backpack (which she has proudly shown off to everyone who has visited our house) and school supplies ready to go, our conversations have shifted to wondering what her new teacher’s name might be and who will be in her class.

One thing I’m especially curious about this year is the school’s lunch menu. Although I would like to be able to pack a healthy lunch for my kids every day, it’s just not a reality for our family. So a couple of times a week, Ella gets school lunch.

We typically have her buy lunch on days when a “healthier” option is offered, but some of the items on the school menu aren’t choices I feel good about feeding my kids. So I’ve been wanting to get more involved and see how I can help make improvements to the meals served at my daughter’s school.

That’s why I’m super excited about KIWI’s National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day! On October 14, parents around the country visit their children’s school and have lunch with them in the cafeteria. This helps them learn more about what goes into putting together a healthy lunch and encourages parents and school officials to work together to provide kids with healthy meals

I hope you’ll join me and learn more about this event and how your school can participate.

You could even win money for your school! Every year KIWI gives away three $1,000 grants from the Whole Kids Foundation to help participating schools improve their lunch program. Learn more and nominate your school today!

What are your thoughts about school lunch? Does your child’s school serve healthy options? What would you like to see on your child’s lunch menu?


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