Blogger Spotlight: Recipe Roundup

Food & Recipes | May 10, 2013

It’s come to our attention that a lot of our Mom Ambassadors are bloggers themselves—and awesome ones at that! We’ve seen a bunch of great posts online, so we wanted to highlight some of our favorite (and delicious) sites. Check out these four mom-run blogs along with some of their latest DIY recipes that left us drooling.

Little Island Studios
This eco-blog is run by Nicki, a mom whose passionate about food, her family, and design. Be sure to check out her delicious and loaded Applegate bacon burger recipe which features Stonyfield Yogurt. We can practically smell the bacon!

The Homesteading Hippy 
Natural life comes alive on this blog, run by a mom named Heather. Her homemade granola recipe had us counting down till breakfast.

The Green Goddess 
Alison Price is a mom dedicated to protecting the planet and keeping her family budget in check. We love her slow cooker experiment with beans, and her humorous writing flair.

Mindfully Frugal Mom
Moms can learn a lot from this fellow mommy mentor who focuses on conscious living and spending. Take a walk on the tangy side with her three step, no prep lemon-chia dressing recipe.

If you’re an eco-concious mom-blogger whose focused on creating a healthy home we’d love to feature you, or have you contribute to our Mom’s Meet Blog. Send us your best at [email protected]


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