Can Frozen Meals Still Be Better-For-You?

Food & Recipes, Member Spotlight | July 15, 2019

While frozen meals are more convenient for our busy lives, there isn’t much on the market to get excited about. More often than not, they’re bland and loaded with ingredients better left on the shelf. It’s time we upgrade our freezers with something that celebrates the vibrancy, flavors, and textures that nature offers us. With Wildscape Meals, our Moms Meet Bloggers quickly saw that you don’t have to choose between the food you have time for and the food you really want to eat! See what our moms had to say:

Easy Meal Planning

Frozen meals have one main function: convenience. For Mom Blogger Smiling Notes, meal planning is a must-do. “With an even busier lifestyle as a new mom, I have to make sure I properly plan my meals and eat something that is healthy and filling in order to have the energy to take care of the babe.” Wildscape gave her the freedom to always have healthy meals on hand.

Wildly Delicious Combinations

“I used to be skeptical of frozen meals because they’re often filled with preservatives and unnecessary ingredients,” writes Tasheena from The Cinnamon Mom. “My favorite part about Wildscape is that their food combinations are on point! No boring pot pie or watery lasagna here. I’m talking about unique, natural ingredients with yummy, bold flavors inspired by all corners of the globe.”

A Mom’s Best Food Friend

While she always makes sure her two boys have a healthy lunch, Amanda from Prim and Propah always stressed with making one for her busy lifestyle. “[Wildscape Meals] are chock full of big veggies, meat you can actually notice, and whole grains. When you heat them up, it’s like you’re actually having a nice, decent sized meal—like maybe I’m actually taking care of myself.”

Pre-Made Portion Control

According to Genny from What’s Up Dearie, “Wildscape portions are individual, so this helped us eat the correct amounts and prevented us from gaining weight due to excess food.”

All in Six Minutes

For most moms, time is of the essence. Jenn from Ever After In the Woods loves that Wildscape Meals only take six minutes in the microwave. “Only six minutes to a meal you can feel good about eating and maintaining your healthy resolutions, making them perfect for busy moms.”

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