Celebrating the Moms of Moms Meet

Holidays & Parties | May 8, 2017

We here at Moms Meet couldn’t do what we do without the amazing moms in our lives—from our passionate mom community all the way to the moms who raised us. To honor our moms this Mother’s Day, we asked our staff to share a few things about the wonderful women who raised them.

Get to know our awesome moms

Q1: Tell us about your mom. What makes her so special?

“She’s patient, kind, compassionate, hard-working, goofy…I could go on for days. She had to be all of these things raising four boys. I can’t imagine what we put her through as toddlers. I’m always told how lucky I am to have such great parents, and I’ve realized how lucky I am as I get older.” – Ryan F. (Project Manager)

“My mom is a genuinely caring and selfless person. She always put her kids before herself. Even when we would fight, as all families do, I never questioned her love for me. She connects with everyone she meets, which used to embarrass me, but now it just inspires me to be a more friendly and open person. Now that I’m older, I get to see the crazy and fun sides to her, which I always knew were there, but I now get to experience it first hand. I am blessed to have been raised by such an amazing woman.”  – Melissa G. (Marketing Assistant)

“She is the most upbeat and patient woman I have ever met. Everywhere she goes, she’s so excited and grateful to be there! She never takes any experience for granted. Now that I’m an adult, I know raising my autistic brother and me couldn’t have been easy, and she must have sacrificed a lot for us. She and my father worked so hard to give us a wonderful life full of many opportunities.” – Alisha G. (Project Manager) 

“Even though we’re separated by the ocean, we speak almost every day, and she supports me in anything I do – including moving from England to New Jersey, even though I know she’s sad I moved so far away. She’s such a warm and loving person and always gives me great advice. I love spending time with her, and although it sounds cheesy, she’s my best friend!” – Victoria Z. (Events Manager)

Q2: What is your favorite memory of your mom?

“My mom and I love to travel and she’s my favorite travel partner, so we go on lots of trips together. But she’s also overly trusting and a bit of a worrier. We must have gotten to the airport five hours early for our flight to Las Vegas. On The Vegas Strip, she was convinced by a local musician to buy his CD so she could “bring his music to the East Coast”. Then at the Grand Canyon, she wouldn’t let me get within 10 feet of the edge in case I would fall off. She was appalled that the entire Grand Canyon did not have safety railings. So many great mom moments on that trip!” – Alisha G. (Project Manager)

“My mom is a very creative person and always went the extra mile to make things special for my sister, brother, and me. Whether it was making our Halloween costumes, painting a surprise mural in my room, or making hundreds of crafts with us, my favorite memories of my mom were the special things she did for me—they never went unnoticed.” – Danielle J. (Sr. Marketing Manager)

“My mum loves Motown music, really loves it, and her favorite song is “Band of Gold” by Frida Payne. My local radio station in England used to play it every once in a while and she would always crank up the volume when it came on and we would both sing to it at the top of our lungs.” – Victoria Z. (Events Manager)

Q3: How did you celebrate Mother’s Day in your family as a kid?

“As a kid we would always get my mom flowers to plant for the yard and make dinner together. One Mother’s Day that really sticks out to me is when I was about 10 years old. My mom and dad left for the morning to get some gardening supplies. My brothers and I decided we wanted to do something special for our mom for when she got home. We took a sheet and wrote “The Greatest Mom Lives Here” and hung it out the front windows.” – Ryan F. (Project Manager)

“It was usually pretty low key because of a lot of different factors, which most people with an autistic child/sibling would understand, but I would always make her something and she has never thrown away most of my strange creations. And I’m no great artist! This year’s celebration will be the best one yet, though—we’re going on a tour of Italy later this month!” – Alisha G. (Project Manager)

“My dad and I would buy flowers for her in the morning and then come home with flowers and a card. And we would always go out as a family for dinner, usually a Sunday roast (a British tradition)!”  – Victoria Z. (Events Manager)

“Each year we try to do something different on Mother’s Day. Our trips have included going to the beach, the zoo, or a show. This year is no different and we are going to an art fair in Massachusetts together.” – Danielle J. (Sr. Marketing Manager)


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