Celebrating Our Ninth Annual WOW Summit 

News & Announcements, Parenting | April 8, 2022

We had such an amazing time celebrating our ninth annual WOW Summit with you all! It’s crazy to think that we have spent almost a decade empowering and inspiring parents to find new ways to help raise happy and healthy families. This year, from March 29–31, 2022, hundreds of moms tuned into WOW Summit ‘22 Virtual to hear from inspirational speakers, meet with better-for-you brands in the Virtual Exhibit Hall, and so much more. 

Here are our top five moments from the ninth annual WOW Summit.

1. Learning the Danish Way of Parenting 

During her session, keynote speaker and best-selling author Iben Sandahl spilled the secret to why Denmark has been ranked the happiest nation in the world for more than 40 years. It’s parenting! Using the acronym PARENT, Iben dove deeper into the key areas we need to focus on to raise confident, happy children. Through play, authenticity, reframing, empathy, and togetherness (hygge), parents can find balance and still teach their children how to enjoy themselves. By focusing on being an empathic and present parent, you can experience greater joy in life for yourself and your children while reducing your stress and worries. 

2. Feasting Our Eyes on Nutritious Recipes 

We love to create fabulous foods to feed our littles. This year we had not one, not two, but three amazing food-focused sessions to help you get breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the table. Dr. Yami started us out with an easy plant-based feast packed with nutrients. Featuring a creamy vegan pasta, simply sweet smoothie, and crispy chickpea snack, the recipes were perfect for parents and kids alike. Happy Family Organics took us behind the scenes to find out more about their Made Simple Mixes. They whipped up Made Simple Muffin Mix made for walking baby and Made Simple Pancake & Waffle Mix for crawling baby. Finally, KIWI magazine featured a stuffed sweet potato recipe in their dinner time inspiration from editorial director Maureen Frost. We can’t wait to dig into all of these delish options! 

3. Nurturing Your Family’s Health 

The importance of both physical and mental health were stressed during this WOW Summit. Now more than ever, taking care of ourselves as moms and our families is paramount. We kicked off this year’s event with keynote speaker and integrative pediatrician Dr. Elisa Song, who shared fascinating information about how your child’s health and wellbeing starts in their gut. Afterwards, clinical psychologist Dr. Ilyse Dobrow DiMarco shared research-supported strategies to help moms cope with uncertainty, parent more mindfully, and focus on their mental health. On the second day of Summit, Dana Bosselmann, an integrative and functional dietitian, discussed the unique needs of women’s health within a forward-thinking model of care rooted in functional nutrition.

4. Finding Connection Through Motherhood 

One of the greatest parts of any WOW Summit is being able to connect with other moms and share our experiences. While we couldn’t share our stories in person this year, our discussion boards, chats, and Virtual Happy Hour offered us a way to celebrate motherhood with our attendees. From sharing stories about becoming a mom to discussing money saving hacks, we opened our hearts to each other. A fun “Best Pinterest Fail” competition during happy hour gave us all a good laugh while reminding us that sometimes it’s the thought that counts. The love and support we feel from our community is unmatched and we cannot be grateful enough for the kind words you shared with us throughout the week. 

5. Enjoying the Blogger + Influencer Track

For our ninth WOW Summit, bloggers and influencers were able to attend a specific track just for them with sessions throughout each day of the event. Some of the top sessions from the Blogger + Influencer Track included “What Are You Influencing? Using the Power of Your Voice to Connect with Depth on Social Media” with Vasavi Kumar, “How to Get What You Want out of Brand Partnerships ” with Porsha Carr, and “Double Your Income Without Doubling Your To-Do List” with Lani Jackson. Bloggers and influencers were also able to network with each other and attend their own Virtual Happy Hour, and select Bloggers and influencers were able to video chat with brands one-on-one.

Thank you to everyone who attended WOW Summit ‘22 Virtual this year! We can’t wait to hopefully see you all in person in 2023.

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