Dog Days of Summer: Sampling fun with our 4-legged friends!

Sampling Fun | August 13, 2014

Last week, the Moms Meet team met at the local dog park with their furry friends to host a sampling event for “I and Love and You” Nude Food Kibble! It was an awesome event, and both the dogs and their owners had a great time!

It was a beautiful, sunny day when everyone arrived at the park, and all of the dogs became fast friends! From a “gentle giant” German Shepard mix to a stocky, little French Bulldog, we had a variety of dogs in all shapes, sizes, and ages. After a little bit of playtime, all of the owners gathered around to discuss their experience with “I and Love and You” Nude Food Kibble.

All of our dogs really enjoyed it, and as owners, we were big fans as well. Since we had such a variety of dogs, everyone seemed to have a different reason for loving the Nude Food Kibble! Emma, Harlow, Lady, and Franklin documented a few of their favorites:

*If you are sampling I and Love and You dog food with your group, please note that you should distribute the samples to your group members prior to the meeting. Switching your dog’s food can be a bit tricky, so “I and Love and You” recommends a gradual integration of their Nude Food Kibble into their diet to ease the transition. For complete instructions on how to change your dog’s food, click here!

What does your pup love most about Nude Food Kibble? Don’t forget to tag your photos on social media sites with #momsmeet and #furrealmoms!


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