Featured Mom Ambassador: Maureen M.

Member Spotlight | February 27, 2012

Meet our Mom Ambassador for the month of March, Maureen M.!

Mom to five-year-old Joey and four-year-old Tommy, she’s lead a group of over 30 moms in Raynham, Massachusetts for almost a year. Get to know a little more about her!

Her favorite sample program so far

Domino Organic Agave Nectar. I love to cook and bake, and this product is fantastic for baked goods, pancakes, sauces, cakes, cookies and so much more! I’m constantly finding new uses for it.

The one thing her group ALWAYS talks about

We love sharing information about the latest and greatest products that have just hit the shelves. That’s one of the biggest reasons we’re thrilled to be part of the Mom Ambassador sampling program. Here, we’re offered exclusive opportunities to try out brand-new products. We then take that information out to our circles of family, friends, co-workers.

The most fun she’s had at a meeting

One of the most exciting meetings we’ve ever had happened at Surly Johnson’s, a local restaurant. We were discussing the latest book we had read, which was actually written by one of our very own members! While we were there, some members of the three-time Super Bowl-winning New England Patriots came in. We got to meet them, take pictures with them, and get some autographs for our children. It was a thrill!

How she keeps her meetings fun and interesting

We love having a theme that weaves through our meetings. We always coordinate books, food, crafts, favors with the monthly theme. In this group, nobody leaves empty-handed! In between meetings we post updates and upload photos to our group’s Facebook page. It’s great to have those funny moments captured there to laugh about again, and it gets us excited about the next meeting.

Her top green tip

Between all the children in the group as well as in my sons’ classrooms, there are a lot of birthday parties to go to! This means the expense of buying gifts, and also the extra gift wrap and packaging that comes with most toys. So instead of gifts, my boys they choose a cause to support for their birthdays. One year, Tommy chose the local food bank and his friends filled up a large basket of non-perishable goods to deliver, in lieu of gifts. Another time, Joey chose the Backpack to School project that they do every year in the school where I work. He asked his friends to bring a school supply instead of a present. They were able to fill up multiple backpacks with the items. It’s a great way to cut down on waste, support those in need, and teach children the true meaning of celebration!


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