Featured Mom Ambassador: Melissa R.

Member Spotlight | February 3, 2012
Meet Melissa R. from Verona, New Jersey, a mom to Samuel (14), Alexander (12), Lucy (2), and Molly (1).

All about her group

A Mom Ambassador for a year, she and her group members meet each Tuesday in the gym of a local church (or in the park, when it’s nice out). Officially, we have about 50 people (moms and kids) in our group, but since we meet weekly the number of participants varies from week to week. On average, there are about 15 moms and their kids (ages newborn to 4) each week.

Her favorite sample program so far

I really loved the Bob’s Red Mill granola sampling. It was so nice to introduce moms to a product that not only tastes great, but is made by a company that’s well-known for the way they treat their employees. Even if people at the sampling hadn’t tried Bob’s products, they had heard about how the company became employee-owned in 2010. (Not to mention how tasty the granola was both for the adults and the kids!)

The one thing her group ALWAYS talks about when they meet

Three things seem to always come up when our groups meets: what our kids are eating (or not!), sleeping schedules (or lack thereof), and potty training! It’s nice to have such a wide variety of moms because everyone has an experience or advice to share.

The funniest thing that’s happened at a group meeting

These are actually one and the same. During the Bob’s Red Mill granola sampling, one of the kids was trying to open the package. She finally got it open while spilling it all over the floor. “Look Mommy,” she said. “Bird seed!”

Her top green tip

With a few exceptions, anytime we need/want something, we scour Freecycle, the local Moms Meetup classifieds, or Craigslist to look for a used version before buying new. Not only does it save money, but it helps the environment, too, since using gently used items reduces your carbon footprint. This has an added benefit: My older sons who often want instant gratification either a) forget about whatever it is that they were looking for, or b) appreciate the item even more once they find it!


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