How to Get the Most Out of the Moms Meet WOW Summit: A Real Mom’s Perspective

September 11, 2017

The WOW Summit is powered by REAL Moms, REAL Connection, and REAL Motivation.


It’s hard to believe this coming October will mark my fifth WOW Summit. If anyone deserves a weekend getaway to attend this two-day conference, it’s us moms! Without any mom guilt or judgement, year after year, I forego my family and embark on a much needed journey in search of like-minded connection, inspiration, learning, and relaxation. Oh, and did I mention the FREE stuff?

So what keeps me attending year after year? I can honestly say that it’s the people and the adventure of traveling somewhere exciting. The mom connections I have made throughout the last four years have impacted my life in the most inspirational ways. There are so many amazing moms out there, with the hardest job on the planet—raising little humans. When I take the time to connect with other moms in line, or while waiting for a workshop, it never ceases to amaze me the journey we are all on together. We all share a common goal of trying to make the best possible choices in order to raise happy, healthy families.

I was a little apprehensive to attend my first WOW Summit in Philadelphia four years ago. Even though I love adventures, meeting new people, and traveling to new places, I was still uncertain about what to expect. My thoughts ran rampant. Will anyone talk with me? Will I learn anything new? What will be expected of me? Seemingly silly, those were real feelings I felt during my first encounter at the cocktail party on Friday night. As I sat there, engaged in a lovely conversation with a new mom friend, the entire Moms Meet staff stopped by our table to introduce themselves, answer any lingering questions we had, and put our minds at ease. After that first night, I can’t tell you how excited I was to attend the next two days.  

Fast forward to four years later, I now arrive expecting great things from each WOW Summit I attend. The staff, sponsors, speakers, workshops, and goodie bags together, make this conference stand apart from all the rest.

From an old pro to a first timer, here are my insider tips on how to make the most out of your Moms Meet WOW Summit 2017 experience:


  • Give yourself permission to just be. Find your quiet space before, during, or after each day to recharge and relax. If possible, arrive a day before the conference and leave a day after it ends. This takes the “rush” out of having to be somewhere and will allow you to engage more with where you are.
  • Walk with confidence. For some, it’s easy to start a conversation with a stranger, and for others, it is not. I respect those that need a little more time to find the connecting point in a conversation. I always work towards the commonalities. Besides, we are all moms and that connects us right from the start.
  • Engage your mind. Be open to learning all that you can. Look for ways to be inspired. Find some fresh new ideas to try, and get excited when someone is inspired by you. I have been on this mom journey for 10 years now and still feel as if there is more knowledge to acquire.
  • Talk with vendors. After all, this is why they came—so you can learn what their products are all about. Don’t be afraid to ask pointed questions. Knowledge is power. When you learn something amazing, talk about it with other moms.
  • Attend the workshops. These workshops are for learning new ideas, tips, and tricks to help you along your parenting journey. This is also a time to ask questions from the presenter and hear feedback from other moms.
  • Listen to the keynote speakers. They offer encouraging words that we can carry with us as we work hard during the year. They make us laugh, cry, and reflect. They empower us to make the changes needed to become a better person. In my experience, it’s also easy to connect with them outside of the WOW Summit through social media.
  • Stay connected with the moms you meet after Summit. Social media is a great place to find and give support. For myself, I have obtained lots of encouragement from other moms when I was in the beginning stages of starting my blog Simply__Passionate. I have also been able to encourage others throughout the year.
  • Don’t forget your goody bag. This, by far, is the most anticipated bag of the year. I leave the Summit feeling so overwhelmed, in a good way, with lots of products to try and share. It’s the one present that I get to open and linger over without my kids trying to help me.

My Goody Bag from 2016

Whether this is your first summit or your fifth, you are about to embark on two days of personal growth. Try to leave the kids behind, because when you do, your “inner woman” may surface. And you might just be surprised that she has been dormant for far too long.

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