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Holidays & Parties | May 22, 2014

In honor of our nation’s heroes, my family puts on a patriotic soirée for our friends and family each year.  Themed celebrations, like this one, are a great way to encourage play with a purpose. Plus, they’re relatively inexpensive to host, require a small amount of time to prepare, and are a LOT of fun for the kiddos. Here’s the breakdown for your prideful playdate:


Your kids and their friends


A Patriotic Party!


Any morning or afternoon that works for you. Choose a date and time that works best for you and send out an e-mail invitation to your children’s friends.  Encourage them to dress in red, white and blue.  Consider hosting a contest for the “Most Patriotic Playdate Participant” to get everyone excited about the get-together.


Your backyard, a park, or even a local Memorial.


To honor and celebrate our military heroes and pay tribute to the red, white and blue.


Chose an easy to prepare snack for the event.  Red, white and blue popsicles are super easy to create! We love to use pureed strawberries, Greek yogurt, and blueberries! We layer them into molds and let them freeze overnight. Select between two and three different activities for the kids. Classic games like catch, freeze tag, and duck-duck goose are sure-fire favorites. You can also make patriotic dancing ribbons for kids by looping red, white and blue ribbon around a Mason jar lid (they’re the perfect-sized handles for tiny fingers)! Print out the words to your favorite patriotic songs such as “You’re A Grand Old Flag” by George M. Cohan or “This Land Is Your Land” by Woody Guthrie and have everyone join together for a classic sing-a-long! Want to make the celebration even more meaningful? Set out blank cards for guests to sign for a soldier. Write messages of gratitude, and mail them out post-playdate.


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