How a Pair of Scissors and a Moldy Aspirator Changed My Life

Health & Wellness | May 11, 2016

When I was told that Dr. Mehta, the Founder and CEO of NeilMed, was planning on presenting an educational webinar to the Moms Meet Community, I was thrilled. I had always been impressed by Dr. Mehta’s background and knew the information given would be incredibly valuable. As a new mom , I needed any advise and guidance I could get. A little background: When my young son was sick this past year, it was a nightmare. He couldn’t breathe well which meant he also couldn’t sleep or eat well. Suffice it to say, I was a walking zombie for about two months straight.

When he was ill, I bought three different aspirators. As a new mom, I really didn’t know what kind to go with. Plus, I was exhausted! I distinctly remember one aspirator not having any suction and tossing it in the garbage immediately. I was way too busy to return it to the store. “Money right down the drain,” I thought. Aspirator #2 was much too large for my son’s tiny nostrils, so I put it in a kitchen drawer for later. I’d be lying if I said I had any idea where it is now. I thought I found a gem with aspirator #3 as it seemed to do the job, but I was always extremely careful using it because the tip was so long.  I was scared I would hurt my son’s nose when he thrashed around like an alligator as I tried to suction him. Ah, memories… So what was life changing about the NeilMed webinar?

Warning: Look inside your aspirator.

Dr. Mehta explained that traditional aspirators, that aren’t completely transparent like his Naspira, can grow fungus and mold. He suggested that all the webinar attendees check their aspirators. I quickly saw a comment pop up from Mom Ambassador Pam who wrote, “He was right! Mine was full of gunk!” Since I was at work, I couldn’t check mine right away, but the thought plagued me for the rest of the day. The last thing I was thinking about when my son was congested, wheezing, and crying was cleaning the inside of his aspirator! When I got home, I immediately grabbed a pair of scissors and hoped for the best. My husband kept asking me what I was doing, but I was on a mission. “Dinner can wait!”  I insisted. Low and behold, the inside of the aspirator was covered in mold. I was mortified!

For anyone not familiar with the Naspira, it’s a nasal-oral aspirator with a transparent design that allows you to easily inspection its components. The tip, bulb, tubing, and mouthpiece can all be sterilized. It’s dishwasher safe and can be disinfected it in the microwave. Click here to watch a demonstration video.

After I got over the horror of what I discovered, I started to think of everyone I put in harms way. I had bought a similar aspirator for many family members and friends who had baby showers over the years. I quickly text them each a photo of what I found and warned them of what I learned. Burdened with guilt, I even offered to buy them the Naspira as a replacement.

I also began to think about my son. I hadn’t put much thought into it, but I’m sure I would have unknowingly grabbed that moldy aspirator for my his next cold. Was the mold in there when I was still aspirating him? Is that why his cold lasted for so long? Is that why it turned into bronchitis? I’m sure I’ll never know those answers, but those questions have run through my mind ever since.

As I’m sure you can guess, I made an immediate switch to the Naspira. I even have a section of my diaper-changing caddy that’s devoted strictly to NeilMed products. I personally love that the Naspira comes with a handle mesh bag for storage.

I encourage you to grab a pair of scissors and take a look at your OWN aspirator.

Want to watch the NeilMed webinar? Click the image below.


Did you cut open your aspirator? What did you find?

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