How Amanda Chantal Bacon Stays Healthy, Happy

Health & Wellness, KIWI | August 18, 2015

This mom is also a chef, a food educator, and an entrepreneur. Here she shares her favorite...

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Way to start the day:

I make a big tea drink using a bunch of herbs and spices like maca and raw vanilla. It keeps me happy and energized. (Get the recipe here!)

Part of her home:

I love all the rocks, crystals, and wildflowers that I place everywhere. They make me feel peaceful.

Quick pick-me-up:

A breath of fire, which is a breathing technique in which you breathe rhythmically and continuously through your nostrils. It helps oxygenate and detoxify your blood.

Organic ingredient:

Cacao. I add it to my morning tea and also use it to make my own raw chocolate.

Fitness routine:

I do Kundalini yoga, which involves a lot of stretching and breathing. Other than that, spending time with my 3-year-old son keeps me active. Lifting him every day is more of a workout than one would think!

Healthy snack:

Coconut yogurt with cardamom, dried figs, walnuts, and apricots from a week- end farm visit.


Dharamsala, India. I just came home from there, but I’d love to go back. The mountains are beautiful, and the people are so happy.

Thing to do with her son:

Lie in bed and crack each other up.

Quick dinner:

A Japanese roll with avocado, cultured sea vegetables, and pea sprouts. It’s my version of a taco, and it’s insanely delicious!

Words of wisdom:

The grandest life lesson I’ve ever been taught is simply this: Choose to be happy. Once I embraced that, life became so much better.

Secret to work-family balance:

Throw the notion of balance out the window. Do the best you can every day—and keep doing it!

Amanda’s organic juice and nut-milk shop, Moon Juice, has three locations: Venice, Silverlake, and Downtown Los Angeles, California. To learn more, visit For Bacon’s organic tea recipe, click here.

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