How Can Gut Health Affect You?

Health & Wellness, Member Spotlight | July 3, 2019

Good digestion starts in the gut, but did you know the gut also helps your mood, immune system, and energy levels? Our Blog Ambassadors were given a chance to try Gut Connection by Country Life, a scientifically formulated range of supplements that connects the gut to individual health issues that matter. Gut Connection contains an innovative, whole food fermentate prebiotic that feeds the existing probiotics in your gut and helps maintain its lining. Read on to see what they had to say.

Eliminate Bloating

“I have never been a ‘regular’ person, but with these I finally am,” shares Ashley from Four Arrows Farmhouse. “I don’t feel uncomfortable or bloated. Things have honestly been night and day for me in the best possible way. I know that many other women struggle with this very same thing—especially after giving birth.”

More Energy

Heather from Miss Frugal Mommy is no stranger to taking supplements to keeping her gut healthy. “I can honestly say that these products have allowed me to continue on my journey to maintaining a healthy gut! I love having the energy (especially with my kids on summer break) to be able to go on long hikes and not feel exhausted.”

Boost Your Mood

“Have you been moody, or a sufferer of anxiety or depression? Did you know that can be linked to an unhealthy gut?” Not only did Chelsea from The Crazy SAHM focus on her diet as well as her exercise, but Gut Connection also helped bring all of her efforts together mentally.

Easier Sleep

With a healthier gut, Rozelyn from The Frugalista Mom noticed “a steady flow of energy throughout the day without the 3 p.m. slump or crash. [Gut Connection] doesn’t make me jittery or hyper at all. In fact, if it’s time to slow down, I helped me fall asleep faster.”

Better Together

Did you know you can mix and match Country Life Gut Connection products? According to Bree from Bree Talks, ”I take one Digestive Balance and one Immunity Balance daily, but I might switch it up depending on what my body is dealing with at the time. I have felt a difference in my overall sense of balance in my body.”

Visit our Product Review page to see what other moms had to say about Gut Connection by Country Life.

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