How Do We Parent in Times Like These?

Note from Chief Mom Ambassador, Parenting | February 2, 2017

My kids ask me a million questions a day, as if it’s their job to ask questions, and my job to have all the answers.

“Mommy, where is my spider-man shirt?”
“Mommy, did you know daddy when you were little?”
“Mommy, why does our goldfish live in a little bowl?”

They are unrelenting! Some questions are easy to respond to. And some are slightly harder to tackle. Lately, the type of questions my kids ask have become a lot more challenging to answer.

“Mommy, someone said that my friend might have to leave the country. Is that true?”
“Mommy, why are people marching and holding up signs like that?”
“Mommy, why are those people so angry and fighting?”

Knowing that these questions are coming from the current political climate, I’ve been very cautious with my response. To be honest, I really don’t know how to respond to my children. I just don’t have all the answers all of the time. But as parents, I believe it’s our job to teach our children through these opportunities, so that they grow up to be decent and kind human beings. While I’m disappointed to see adults on both sides of the political conversation displaying behavior that I’d never want my children to emulate, it does provide a setting to have an open conversation with our kids.

So how am I responding to my children’s questions? I’m encouraging them to stay focused on kindness. Yes, we all have different opinions. We all come from different backgrounds and beliefs. But that’s what makes this country—and our mom community—so great. We all need to learn to live with one another, agree to disagree, and find common ground so that we can build a better future together. Standing up for what we believe in is important, yes. But it should be done in a peaceful way with the respect that every human being deserves.

And that’s where Moms Meet stands. We believe in supporting parents to grow happy and healthy families. We support you, our moms, in your effort to raise decent, caring human beings to be the future leaders, parents and, citizens of this great country. So no matter where you come from, what type of family you have,  or what your beliefs are, please know that you are all welcome in our mom community.

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