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Food & Recipes | April 4, 2017

After reading the rave reviews that our Moms Meet Mom Ambassadors recently gave Luvo Frozen Meals, and the feedback from the Moms Meet staff who confirmed how delicious these meals really were, I just had to give it a try.

As a busy working mom, sometimes sitting down to make a meal everyday is just not realistic. I wish I could say I had the discipline to prepare and pack a healthy lunch everyday, but in all honestly, that is a very rare occurrence. For this reason, my go-to lunches are usually frozen meals I can quickly and easily microwave.

The problem with this is, as we all now, the meals never look like they do on the package. You pop a meal in the microwave, waiting those 4-5 minutes for a mouth-watering meal, only to open the door and find a box full of mush that is hardly even recognizable. Plus, I’ve found the ingredients in a lot of frozen meals to be less than impressive, but not with Luvo. I love that Luvo uses antibiotic-free meat and poultry, and non-GMO, organic ingredients whenever possible. I even compared Luvo’s Roasted Cauliflower Mac & Cheese Power Bowl to a comparable competitor in my freezer and the difference was impressive.

Just based on the numbers alone I was already sold,  but I needed to see if the meal lived up to the incredible reviews from our community. Here are just some of the reviews left by Moms Meet Mom Ambassadors who were sent free Luvo Meal vouchers to try with their friends and family:

My group loved these meals. So simple to make and so full of flavor.” – Melissa W.

“The Luvo meals were wonderful. The variety of selections amazed me.” – Trudy M.

“My family and I truly loved this. We had our meeting and we had many flavors and varieties.” – Pam J.

The packaging was really easy to open and I followed the directions that stated to put the box, sealed, in the microwave for 4-4.5 minutes. I let it stand for one minute and then stirred. I must say the timing was perfect. Sometimes with frozen meals, you get a frozen center or burned edges. This meal came out perfectly.

I did also enjoy the round bowl versus a rectangular tray as it made it seem more like a homemade meal. I was a big fan of the flavor, too. The whole grain brown rice, roasted cauliflower, and monterey jack and white cheddar cheese with panko tasted gourmet. This dish succeeded at satisfying my craving for pasta and it felt great knowing the calories and sodium were reasonable.

This will absolutely be in my meal repertoire and I have my eye on the Luvo steam-in pouches next. Specifically, the red wine braised beef and polenta with brussel sprouts, butternut squash and cranberries. I can safely say after trying Luvo that none of the other frozen meals in my freezer stack up to this.

Have you ever tried Luvo Frozen meals? Which meal should I try next? Share your favorites in the comments:


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