Annie and her baby bump with her daughter, Ella!

With only a few weeks left to go, I’m excited to finally find out whether we’re having a little girl or boy. Unlike our first two pregnancies, we’ve kept the gender of our third baby a complete surprise. I have to admit—it has been hard to resist finding out, especially during our ultrasound appointments. But keeping the baby’s gender a mystery has actually added a fun element to this pregnancy that I didn’t expect.

For example, our decision not to find out whether we’re having a boy or girl has resulted in a continuous “Gender Guessing Game” amongst our family, friends, and even complete strangers! Apparently, you do not need an invitation to participate in this game, and there are no rules! All joking aside though, it has been very interesting to see everyone make his or her predictions.  Here are some memorable ones:


  • Many have predicted that I’m having a boy based on how I’m carrying the baby. I’ve had many people check out my backside to see whether or not I look pregnant from the back, which I have to admit has been a bit awkward! Others have said that they could just tell it is a boy based on the shape of my bump.
  • A friend had me hold her newborn baby boy to see if the baby cried while I was holding him. Since he didn’t, she concluded I was having a girl.
  • Someone asked if I was craving meat a lot (which I was in the first trimester), which means I’m having a boy.
  • A few of my friends with toddlers had me ask their kid what they thought about the gender—apparently tapping into the sweet and innocent minds of a young child is a reliable predictor! Unfortunately, I got a lot of mixed answers with this method.

As for the parents-to-be, my husband is convinced we are having a boy for no specific reason other than a feeling. Personally, I have a feeling that I’m having a girl, but maybe that is just because everyone else is predicting that I’m having a boy!

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