Mom Ambassador Spotlight: London I.

Member Spotlight | October 12, 2011

Meet London I., a mom to 8-year-old Ambrosia in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, who brought Moms Meet to her homeschooling group. “The parents in our homeschooling community are always sharing ideas on food choices and green, healthy products, things that fit great with Moms Meet,” she says.

Which sampling has been your favorite so far and why?

So far we’ve only participated in the Kashi program, and I was blown away at how many samples we received. I was thinking I’d have to cut each granola bar in half, so it was wonderful that everyone was able to take a whole one. I even had some bars left over, which I gave to my group members to take home to share with their children who weren’t at the meeting.

What’s the number one topic your group never fails to talk about?

Since we’re a homeschool group, we talk a lot about education, teaching resources, and what works and doesn’t work with our kids. We also plan projects and field trips (we’re currently learning about Jane Goodall and will go on a field trip to the zoo to study primates). Crafts and volunteer projects also come up a lot.

What’s your advice for other Mom Ambassadors?

Being organized is key. I like to have an agenda of how the meeting will go and try to keep activities within their respective timeframes. My group members also rotate responsibilities so that everyone can contribute their individual strengths (some moms are great with ice breakers, others are great with organizing the kids, etc.). Kids have a tendency to get bored so I like to keep them entertained and occupied—we love crafts and board games–so the moms can chat without constant interruptions.


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