Meet a mom blogger: Angela from Happy Fit Mama

Member Spotlight | May 2, 2012
Angela, with twins Avery and Lukas.

Ever wondered what it might be like to be a blogger? Now’s your chance to find out! We chatted with Angela B. from Happy Fit Mama, a Moms Meet blogger who recently reviewed Annie’s Organic Rising Crust Pizza on her blog and writes about running, yoga, fitness, and feeding her family natural, organic food. See how the mom finds screen time while chasing down twin toddlers, had advice for moms who want to start blogging, and more.

How she got started—and what she learned:

I began blogging in December 2011. I had been a follower of many healthy living blogs for a few years and always thought, “I could do that!” I have the education and credentials, why not? But blogging isn’t as easy as it looks! It takes time to write each post in addition to editing the photos.

Her favorite thing to blog about:

Running! I feel like I have really become a “runner” in the past year. It really is my passion. Running to me isn’t just to keep me in shape so I can fit into my skinny jeans. I do it because it’s my therapy and “me” time even when I’m pushing my kids around in the double stroller. “Me” time is something every mom needs in their daily lives.

What she wants other parents to know:

I wanted to show busy moms and dads that they can fit in exercise even though they have kids—you just have to get them involved and work around their activities. So I did a vlog called My Go-To Stretches. My kids were part of it and really stole the show. I posted it even though it wasn’t perfect. It was real life!

Why she loves about reviewing green products on her blog:

I like to show people that there are alternatives to the big name products that aren’t eco-friendly. They are just as good if not better. Plus, why would you want anything less for your family?

How she manages a blog while raising twins:

I’m a work in progress when it comes to balance and time management skills. At the end of the day, my family is my #1 priority. They come first. Currently I post Monday through Friday, but if I’m really busy with work and other activities, my posts drop to the bottom of the list.

Her advice to aspiring bloggers:

Find a topic that you are really interested in that isn’t just for the moment. If you really like your subject, it will show through in your writing!

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