Missed our #Zingspiration Twitter Party? Here’s the Recap!

Sampling Fun | June 11, 2015

zingSome of our Mom Ambassadors are currently sampling Zing Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener. Recently, many of them (along with other Moms Meet members) attended our #Zingspiration Twitter Party to learn more about Zing and chat about their inspirations to have a healthy summer. Everyone left the chat feeling “Zing-spired” and ten lucky participants even won a Zing Stevia prize pack. In case you missed the event, here’s the recap!



Q1: Summer is almost here! What is your #Zingspiration this year to have a healthy and active summer? #Zingspiration

@DanielleGosha – Keeping up with the children! I need to be healthier (and more energetic) for their sakes #Zingspiration

@Brooke1Boyd – To love myself in my suit! #Zingspiration

Q2: How do you and your family stay fit (and have fun!) during the summer months? #Zingspiration

@ESeattleMama – We hit the trails! Two days ago: (pictured right) #Zingspiration

@JanaLeefitness – Bike riding, walking on the beach, walking the dogs, and meal prepping summer seasonal goodness! #Zingspiration

Gardening can be a great family activity! Here are 5 tips for gardening with kids.

Q3: What is your favorite summertime activity? #Zingspiration

@SillySheep – Water gun fights! #Zingspiration

@theCFmom – Beach trips! So much fun playing beach volleyball and tiring ourselves out swimming in the ocean! #Zingspiration

Don’t forget to stay hydrated! Here are a few yummy & refreshing recipes for fruit flavored iced teas. 

Q4: What are some of your go-to summertime recipes? #Zingspiration

@AnneStull – Fresh fruit salad, veggie stir fry, grilled salmon and pineapple, and lots of homemade ice cream! #Zingspiration

@scrappiedoodle – Fresh veggies from the garden, with just a dash of pepper and basil! #Zingspiration

We love smoothies! This Orange Cream Smoothie recipe is perfect for a hot summer day.

Q5: What are your best tips cooking and eating healthy this summer? #Zingspiration

@LDeetz016 – During the summer I like to grill EVERYTHING. Lots of fruits and veggies. #Zingspiration

@PinkLacedPoppy – I love farmers markets for produce shopping and the money goes back into the community #Zingspiration

Q6: Have you ever tried baking or cooking with a zero calorie sweetener, such as stevia? #Zingspiration

@yoda1librarian – I have, I wanted to use it since my parents are diabetic and they loved it! #Zingspiration

@dlacy7578 – I always cook with and add stevia to my foods and drinks. It’s delicious and makes me feel less guilty #Zingspiration

Did you know? Zing Stevia Baking Blend is made with stevia & pure cane sugar & has only 5 calories per serving!  

Q7: Have you tried @ZingStevia Zero Calorie Sweetener, made with real ingredients – nothing artificial? #Zingspiration

@MissAneleh – No, not yet but now I want to! Love that there is only 5 calories and nothing artificial! #Zingspiration

@mellycons – I love @ZingStevia products! Tried them w/ my group thanks to @MomsMeet. We all loved them and plan on buying more! #Zingspiration

Zing Stevia provides the perfect sweet taste to your favorite foods & drinks without a funny aftertaste, and zero calories!  

Q8: Let’s talk about inspiration…what activities make you feel absolutely amaZING? #Zingspiration

@SnowflakeFace – I love doing Zumba! It’s so fun and always makes me feel good #Zingspiration

@surf4lifenj – Running, yoga, the beach, good food, friends, books and dance parties #Zingspiration

Q9: What song motivates you to have a great day? #Zingspiration

@fmveg – I would have to say “Walkin on Sunshine!” #Zingspiration

@rychepet – Dancing Queen by ABBA 🙂 gotta dance to disco! #Zingspiration

Q10: Who in your life inspires you to live a healthy lifestyle? #Zingspiration

@jjcjejmami – My children! I want to be happy and healthy for them & to be able to do anything with them! #Zingspiration

@scrappiedoodle – My dad, who passed at 39…and my babies (pictured right), I want to be here for a LONG time! #Zingspiration

Be sure to share the goodness of Zing Stevia with your #Zingspiration! To find a Zing retailer near you, click here.

What is your “Zingspiration” to have a healthy summer? Share with us in the comments below!


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