Moms Meet 101: 6 tips for starting a mom group

Holidays & Parties | April 26, 2012

We’ve heard from many Moms Meet members who are eager to start their own mom groups—but aren’t sure where to start! So to get the best advice, we went straight to our experts: the Mom Ambassadors. Here, their top tips to help get your group up and running in no time.

Find a focus

Having kids is probably enough to give you and your group members plenty to discuss. But if you can find additional common interests or values, like food allergies or the fact that you’re all military families, your group will have that much more to chat about—and you’ll be able to give and get advice and support from people in your shoes.

Begin with people you know

Friends are the best people with which to form the base of your group—no shyness or need to break the ice! From there, branch out to other moms you’re acquainted with at church, your child’s school or daycare, or an exercise class. “My group is made of lifelong friends, as well as fellow church members,” says Mom Ambassador, Darcey P. Is there a mom you see frequently at the playground, or even at the grocery store? Tell her about your group!

Head online

Many Mom Ambassadors agree: is a great tool for connecting with local moms. (With the help of the website, Elaina’s mom group grew to over 150 members!) Other similar sites, like Facebook or even Craigslist, can also help you meet other moms in your area.

Find the right location

For small meetings where you know all of your group members, home might be the best. For larger groups or first-time meetings, consider a more public location, which likely offers more room to spread out and allows you to get to know new moms in a safe space. “We use the auditorium of a church!” says Melissa R.

Ask for help

When it comes to running your meetings, don’t be afraid to ask other moms to lend a hand, says Kathy J. Try rotating hosting duties among several moms, or establish a policy that the host mom doesn’t have to provide snacks.

Get ready to have a blast!

If the idea of mingling with moms you don’t know seems scary, consider Dana K.’s story: “I started my group out of necessity to find some playmates for my 2-year-old. Almost seven years later, we’re still a group!”

Are you a seasoned mom group leader? Share your tips for beginners in the comments!

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