Moms Meet 2021 New Year’s Resolutions

Health & Wellness, Member Spotlight | December 30, 2020

This past year, ordinary life has been upended in so many ways, from how we learn and work on down to our simple daily habits. We surveyed the Moms Meet community to see what they want for themselves and their families in the coming months. 

While this time of year always elicits well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions, our Moms are focused on getting healthier, taking care of their families, and staying positive. Some of their resolutions are below.

Moms Meet Moms’ 2021 Personal Resolutions

“Be more grateful for what I have, and my family and I, for being healthy.”

“I believe that to continue taking care of my family is my priority and the work so that we lack nothing and roll the necessary measures so that we are very healthy as far as now.”

“To become the person I have always wanted to be, unapologetically myself.”

“Amor, salud y bendición para mi familia y el mundo entero.”

“Try to make my important needs my priority. That’s one of my problems. I do things for everyone else and feel guilty sometimes doing things for myself. But when it comes to health and mental health, I have to give time and energy to do that so I’m healthier, not only for me but for my family.”

“Find time to relax and work on my goals that I have not been focusing on since I am so busy taking care of everyone else.”

“Me gustaría empezar mi 2021, principalmente con salud para mi y toda mi familia.”

“Focus more on the relationships that are important, be myself, and remain faithful to those that are there for me.”

“Spend as much time as possible with my mom, daughter, grandchildren, and my sisters, and tell them I love them every day. Because of COVID-19, we don’t know how much time we have left, so I want to spend a lot of my time with my family through FaceTime and calling, and just telling them I love them very much.”

“Pasar tiempo con mi familia estar más saludable y salir más disfrutar la naturaleza.”

Moms Meet Moms’ 2021 Family Resolutions

“More quality conversations with my kids about their likes and goals.”

“Spend more time in nature, on hikes or bike rides.”

“I would have to say even though I already spend time with them, I want to spend more time. Especially with my oldest without electronics. I want to do more arts and crafts, board games, and stuff like that.”

“Equilibre los tiempos de la escuela, el hogar y los amigos, mientras se mantiene saludable tanto física como emocionalmente.”

“I want my children to be utterly happy, confident, and healthy. I will do anything to support that for them.”

“Balancing school, screen, home, and friend times all while staying healthy both physically and emotionally.”

“Helping them to learn how to help others, to learn how to do things for themselves, but also give a helping hand to those that need it.”

“Showing them, not just telling them, how to live a life full of happiness.”

“To become a better person than 2020, to succeed in things they start, and not give up if life turns a whirlwind. I want them to be kind and always help others if they need it.”

“My New Year’s resolution for my kids is to help them step out of their comfort zone. To help them be more confident and grow.”

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