How Moms Meet Changed My Life

Member Spotlight | May 2, 2018

Society is filled with endless mom groups achieving one goal—community. As a woman, finding a tribe of like-minded moms all moving in the same direction is challenging, yet a must.  It is for survival, of our own soul, that we find a community that meets us right where we are on our journey.

Moms Meet has been in my life for over six years and I am truly thankful that I found this tribe, or should I say that Moms Meet found me! Pam Havens

I received an unexpected email one day, asking if I would be interested in sampling Stonyfield Organic yogurt for free with other moms. I had no idea where my answer of “absolutely” would lead me.

To this day I am still amazed at the amount of inspiration, excitement, relationships, and free stuff I have received just from being open to taking a small risk. Not to mention, my connection to Moms Meet has opened other doors along the way, too.

Each year I find myself blossoming into more of my true self, unafraid, uninhibited, just free to be me—exploring more of my interests, passions, and talents yet to be discovered. I have also found an inner creativity that lay dormant for far too long and met moms along the way who have helped my ideas become bigger than life.22851852_10155572292371131_3980529334209169116_n

You need to surround yourself with a tribe of moms that will encourage you to turn those mental moments into reality. Mental moments being that of starting a business, writing, exercising, forming a book club, authoring a children’s book, or anything else that stirs the passion inside you.

My quiet idea of a children’s book, that has been tucked away, has now been fully resurrected after meeting a mom at the 2017 Moms Meet WOW Summit this past October. This mom, of three littles, had several books published already and was currently working on more. I was so encouraged by conversing with her several times throughout the conference, which led me to openly pursue an illustrator. There was surely a kindred connection!

Every year I remind myself that I need a tribe of moms that come from all backgrounds of life to fulfill my destiny. 22886073_10155572292466131_3467635059371210752_n
The Moms Meet WOW Summit offers two days of motivation powered by real moms dedicated to starting a spark of change.

What’s it worth to you to be surrounded by a non-judgmental group of moms that are trying to live out a healthier, green-living lifestyle with their families’ best interest in mind? Speakers that endlessly offer encouraging words, workshops that evoke practical advice, brands that inspire, sustainable choices, and free samples to try—seriously, what other tribe could compare?

Smarter consumerism is key to changing a global impact.
Whether you are a mom in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, or beyond, we all need a place to connect with a like-minded tribe to feel empowered to live out the very best life we can.  We are women first, yet what brings us all together is the driving force of Motherhood.


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