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Sampling Fun | December 10, 2015

All over the United States, Mom Ambassadors are coming together to try and review better-for-you products. From backyard get-togethers to birthday bashes, check out a few of our mom groups in action below:

Heidi S. hosted a 25-person tasting party in Toledo, Ohio with Bob’s Red Mill muffin mixes.

Bernadette N. hosted a Harvest Snaps party for her family in her Waldorf, Maryland home.

“We had a great Trim Healthy meal together. Some moms prepared dishes from the sampling cards,” said Holly H. Holly threw a sampling cooking party.

Aly H. had her Rainbow Light Power Sours  sampling party during her daughter’s birthday party in Olathe, Kansas. “We all sampled them after cake and then they took home the activities, vitamins, and coupons in a Thank You baggie!” she explained.

Marina S. had a Follow Your Heart grilled cheese sandwich party in Guffey, Colorado.

Anna M. held a backyard sampling party with Fishpeople Seafood bisques and chowders in Centennial, Colorado.

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