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Health & Wellness, Member Spotlight | July 19, 2018

Let’s face it: being a mom can sometimes resemble a circus act. From morning wake-up calls to the very last bedtime story, it’s normal to feel stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed throughout the day. Luckily, you don’t have to go through it alone. Our Moms Meet Bloggers recently tried our PlusCBD Oil products with many of the same questions you might have: What is CBD Oil? Is it safe? How do I know if it’s right for me? Get answers and check out these five great blogs that put their capsules, drops, sprays, and balms to the test:

Calm Anxiety


According to Jamie from Boots Bows & Beaches, PlusCBD Oil is perfect for any mom struggling with stress and anxiety. “[Anxiety] is something I struggle with and I am all about finding alternative coping mechanisms for it than always turning to prescription meds. I have been using PlusCBD Oil and I can definitely tell a difference in my anxiety level.”

Goodbye, Chronic Pain


CBD Oil is excellent to help any mom get back on track. Dijana from Hazel Eyes Mom has chronic migraines, but once adding PlusCBD Oil capsule to her lifestyle, “I feel more energized. I am calmer and more self-aware. Believe it or not, I only had one migraine in the past two weeks!”

A Natural Pain Remedy


Stephanie from Beauty Brite enjoys the pain aiding aspect of PlusCBD Oil, “There are mornings when I wake up with pain in my neck or back! I always try to choose natural health products when it comes to my ailments. Thankfully, I have CBD Oil to help with everything I have to deal with!”

Great Inside and Out


Not only is PlusCBD Oil great for internal use, but their balms are also perfect for pain relief and skin nourishment. Melanie from Harper Mondays says, “If you’re not nourishing your skin daily already, this peppermint scented balm offers the moisture your skin might be missing. What I love about it (besides that it is CBD) is that it is free from artificial dyes and fragrance.”

Less Stress, More Sleep


Marcia from Marcia’s Healthy Slice had significant changes in the quality of her sleep. “Usually I only slept deeply for 20-40 minutes per night. The rest of the time I was sleeping lightly or awake. My deep sleep increased to an average of 2-3 and as much as 4 hours per night.”

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