Our Top 5 Virtual WOW Summit Moments

Family Fun & Activities, News & Announcements, Parenting | April 27, 2021

Each year, our community of moms comes together during the Moms Meet WOW Summit to be empowered and inspired by new ways to help raise happy and healthy families. While we couldn’t be with you in person this year, we were thrilled to be able to offer WOW Summit virtually! From March 9–11, 2021, over 1,600 moms tuned into Virtual WOW Summit to hear from inspirational speakers, meet with better-for-you brands in the Virtual Exhibit Hall, and so much more. 

Here are our top five moments from the inaugural Virtual WOW Summit. 

1. Belly laughing with Lucy and Tom Riles

Lucy and Tom Riles  shared their experience as parents to four, creators of the online communities for parents, Life of Mom and Life of Dad, and as authors of the book Mom vs. Dad: The Not-So-Serious Guide to the Stuff We’re all Fighting About. Some of you might remember Lucy Riles from WOW Summit: Texas in 2019. This year, both she and her husband Tom joined us to talk about all of the not-so-serious stuff we fight about, and let us tell you—it was hilarious! The session kicked off Virtual WOW Summit with plenty of laughs and relatable real-life scenarios. Is it appropriate to lick your plate clean at a restaurant? Does the expiration date on food really matter? They covered this and more with humor and advice.

2. An unforgettable peaceful parenting session with Dr. Laura Markham 

Dr. Laura Markham is the author of the Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids series, which aims to discover parenting strategies that encourage resilience within your family. We all wished we could take Dr. Markham home with us after her session “Parenting for Resilience in a Pandemic.” Not only was her advice delivered in a way that was moving and relaxing, it felt as if she was speaking through the camera directly to us. How did she know so many of us needed this session so badly? She shared tools to calm yourself and emotion coach your family, as well as tips on how to support your child’s learning and handle discipline. This was one of those sessions we could rewatch over and over again.

3. The amazing Virtual Exhibit Hall

During Virtual WOW Summit, we were able to set up a Virtual Exhibit Hall for attendees to visit to learn more about brands, interact directly with them, and enter giveaways. Our moms were able to enter any virtual booth and chat with representatives from brands to ask questions about their products. Brands included Ancient Nutrition, Evivo, Safe Catch, AMARUMAYU, Boiron, and CBDfx. This was also a great opportunity for some of our Bloggers and Influencers to network with brands and form long-lasting relationships. While they didn’t have samples available as they would normally do at an in-person event, over 200 of the moms who registered early and attended the event were lucky enough to receive a Sponsor Discovery Box in the mail filled with plenty of goodies. Additionally, everyone received a Digital Swag Bag loaded with printables, coupons, discount codes, e-books, and more at the conclusion of the event.

4. Raising a glass to motherhood 

One of our favorite parts of any WOW Summit is raising a glass with all of our amazing moms during Happy Hour. While we couldn’t clink glasses in person this year, our Virtual Happy Hour offered us a moment to celebrate motherhood with our attendees. A fun drink demo sparked creative ideas on how to use Sambucol Black Elderberry syrup in cocktails while also sharing more about their delicious immune-supporting products. The lively game of “Never Have I Ever: Parents Edition” that followed had some of us laughing so hard we were crying. We were reminded that we are in this crazy thing called motherhood together. Between poop stories and owning up to sometimes forgetting kids in time out, we shared some of the hilarious moments we’ve experienced as moms.

5. The Blogger + Influencer Track

Instead of a day dedicated to Bloggers + Influencers, during Virtual WOW Summit we offered Blogger + Influencer specific sessions throughout each day of the event. Some of the top sessions from the Blogger + Influencer Track included “Embracing Imposter Syndrome: Step Into Your Power” with Vasavi Kumar, “How To Start A Profitable Blog As A Side Hustle” with Asia Crawford, and “How to Build a Better Content Strategy with Search Engine Optimization” with Nicky Omohundro. Bloggers and Influencers were also able to network with each other and attend their own Virtual Happy Hour, and select Bloggers and Influencers were able to video chat with brands one-on-one.

Here’s what our moms liked about the event:

“I LOVED the entire thing. I loved the platform, the vibe, the community, the brands, the speakers, the one-on-one video chats. I loved it all.”

“What I liked about the Virtual WOW Summit was that the speakers made this experience feel as normal as possible. They absolutely gave it their all and more and I’m so glad that I was able to be a part of this experience.”

“I have always wanted to attend a WOW Summit but I was not able to travel in previous years so I loved that this year I was able to participate. I enjoyed being able to access so much valuable information about health and wellness and parenting tips etc. I enjoyed the whole process.”

“This is my first WOW Summit and I am so impressed. I have attended several virtual conferences and this experience has totally blown me away. You found a way to create a sisterhood and community on a virtual platform… It is simply incredible. So kudos to you and thank you!”

“For being a virtual event, I felt very connected and it was very interactive. I felt like I was at a Moms Meet event in person and I enjoyed seeing familiar faces.”

“The summit has been amazing. The speakers have been engaging, fun, and offered a wealth of info and advice. While I miss the chance to meet new ladies, I am looking forward to continuing the connections I’ve made this week.”

What was your favorite part of #WOWSummit21? Leave us a comment below.

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