Perfect Finger Foods for Your Valentine’s Day Parties

Food & Recipes, Holidays & Parties | February 11, 2016

On Valentine’s Day, we so often feel obligated to give in to the pressure of going out for an expensive dinner, exchanging giant teddy bears, and spending time with only our significant other. But why not get together with the whole family, especially loved ones close to us who might not have someone special to spend the day with? To eliminate the possibility of excluding people or breaking the bank, we love the idea of gathering, friends, family, and kids for a casual Valentine’s Day party. These  healthy finger foods will show your valentine guests you care:

Veggie Skewers

These healthy  veggie skewers are both easy to carry and quick to make. Plus, the pink-tinted radishes make these a perfect touch for a Valentine’s Day party! Topped with a delicious peanut sauce made from So Delicious®Unsweetened Coconut Milk Beverage, two whole skewers have only 134 calories!




Edible Roses

Who knew a holiday treat could be completely healthy? These edible roses made with grape tomatoes, asparagus, and cheese will be a show stopper at your party. In addition to looking beautiful individually, you can  arrange the “flowers” into a bouquet on a plate and serve! Consider using an alternative type of cheese, such as Follow Your Heart, which is vegan-free, lactose-free, and dairy-free to accommodate guests with any dietary restrictions.




Serving Brushetta is a no-brainer for Valentine’s Day. With ripe, plump tomatoes, this red-color appetizer fit’s right in line with a red-themed Valentine’s party. This simple, delicious, and easy-to-transport appetizer is refreshing and can be paired perfectly with a King Arthur’s baguette.




Liam’s Dessert Pizza

Kids will love this fun spin on traditional pizza. Submitted by Liam Kivirist,  KIWI magazine’s 2011 Next Great Young Chef contest winner, this extra-delicious Dessert Pizza recipe can be prepared with the whole family and is surely photograph-worthy.



Strawberries Dipped in Chocolate MELT and Yogurt

These Chocolate MELT ®-covered strawberries with yogurt are gluten-free and a yummy dessert to serve at your party. (Strawberries are perfect for Valentine’s Day!) Chocolate MELT® puts a healthier spin on traditional chocolate-covered strawberries because it has just 1 gram of sugar per serving and contains no dairy, trans fats, or hydrogenated oils. Adults can dig in with no regrets, and kids will love satisfying their sweet tooth. Click here for recipe.


 Valentine’s Day Fruit

You can’t go wrong with fresh fruit. Not only is it a healthy snack for everybody, but it’s easy to find and has so any options—like this adorable one from Kristin, who blogs at Life in Wonderland. With just some heart-shaped cookie cutters, popsicle sticks, and a little help from the kids, this can serve as both a treat and a bonding project. Kristin was a class mom for her son’s first-grade Valentine’s Day party and came up with these simple instructions. We can’t help but think these cute kebabs would also make a wonderful table display for your guests!


Do you know any other simple recipe ideas for Valentine’s Day? Share them below!

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