When I think back to the labor and delivery of my first two children, I’m thankful that I don’t remember every single contraction or horrifying moment of pushing. Do I remember that it was painful? Of course, but that isn’t the first thought I have when I look back at those first moments of my children’s lives.

As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure most mothers will say that no matter how hard, how long, or sometimes how terrifying the childbirth experience can be, it is quickly forgotten. As soon as that sweet little baby enters this world, all of the pain and exhaustion is somehow replaced with feelings of pure joy and overwhelming love that just can’t be explained.

My very first moments with each of my children are especially memorable and precious to me. When my daughter, Ella, was born, I was in a complete state of exhaustion and could barely keep my eyes open. However, I vividly remember that when a nurse was holding Ella to examine her, she had somehow grabbed a hold of the nurse’s pen that was in her pocket and held it tightly with her cute little fingers. We all had a good laugh about that in the delivery room.


With my son, Connor, I was a little more alert after birth. My second time around was definitely easier, and I was able to truly soak in every single moment of his first few minutes in this world. I remember holding him in my arms and him immediately wanting to nurse. He seemed so hungry at that moment, and he’s had quite the appetite ever since!

To say that I am excited to experience the birth of my third child is an understatement, and I can’t wait to add even more precious memories to my list.


In the meantime, we asked our moms on Facebook to share some of their memories from the first moments with their children. Here are a few of our favorite responses:

“My third child’s gender was unknown during my pregnancy. I already had two sons and prayed for a girl to complete our family. When she was born (the day before my own birthday) I’ll never forget the look of surprise and pure joy that passed between my mother and I as the doctor placed my baby on my chest and yelled, ‘It’s a girl!’ I came home the next day, now my birthday, with a beautiful baby girl named Emily Noel. Best present ever!!” – Sarah Katherine See, Mom Ambassador

“After delivering my second child (8 years after my first child), I couldn’t believe how he looked completely identical to when his brother was born. It was like having identical twins. Comparing them in pictures at the same age, you still cannot tell who is who.” – Theresa Sweeney Griffin, Mom Ambassador

“I had an amazingly fast (1 hour) and un-medicated labor with my first. It was scary and I had been sure from the start of pregnancy I would only have one baby. When I saw him for the first time I exclaimed, ‘I did it! And I would totally do it again!’ And guess what? We now have three kids, all with their own unique birth stories.” – Marissa Sharum Seder, Mom Ambassador

Do you have any vivid memories from those very first moments with your children? Share your experiences below!

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