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Food & Recipes, Sampling Fun | May 6, 2015

We love to see our Mom Ambassadors in action! Recently, many of our members sampled a few products that were kid (and mom!) approved, including Annie’s Frozen Pizza Bagels and Pizza Poppers, Barbara’s Better Granola, and Solgar U-Cubes. Check out a few photos of our moms and their group members below.

Bree C.’s group of moms and their kiddos really enjoyed sampling Annie’s new frozen snacks!
Look at those faces! We love how excited Carrie M.’s little ones are to try their new Annie’s snacks.
Thumbs up for Barbara’s Better Granola! “A great snack for all ages. 100% of the moms in my group said this was a better snacking tool for schools and busy moms. Thank you Moms Meet!” – Kevin N.
Geralyn B.’s group made homemade yogurt parfaits using Barbara’s Better Granola—yum!
Girl Scout approved! Danielle B. shared her samples of Solgar U-Cubes at her daughter’s Girl Scout meeting, where they were enjoyed by all!

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