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Member Spotlight, Sampling Fun | November 14, 2013

Did you spy a fly on the wall at your last sampling meeting? We confess, it was us! We just can’t help it, we love to take an inside peek at your sampling meetings—here are some of our favorite shots from the most recent meetings, hosted by our fabulous Moms Meet Ambassadors.

Heather B’s group got the chance to try out Pacific’s Tortilla Soup Starter. According to her, “Everyone absolutely loved it and as picky as some of us are it was definitely a winner! I know this will become a regular around our house now!”
Krystin K’s Moms Meet group held their Zevia sampling meeting at a local park. Keener said, “The moms from our group are all happy with this new product! All the kids loved it too!”
Kathy M, one of our Moms Meet Ambassadors made a few pies and tarts with apples, along with an apple peach pineapple crumb tart, that according to her was, “Sooooooooooooo delicious!” She even made a few pies/tarts a head of her meeting so that everyone could try a piece, along with some home made whipped cream. “It was so easy with a ready mix that was gluten free. What a fun get together!” said Margerum.
Mom Ambassador, Bethany M, was recently accepted in the Enjoy Life sampling program. She sent in this snapshot to let us know she just received the package, “I can’t wait until our meeting!” she exclaimed.
Sonja C’s group and family were thrilled with Heel’s Reboost products. “My daughter who sampled the medicine with great results, simply calls it her allergy medicine now.” According to Cooper, her adorable daughter no longer takes her old allergy reliever!


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