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Member Spotlight, Sampling Fun | December 12, 2013

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and they’re totally right! The pictures from your sampling meetings say so much, and we love when you share them with us. Check out some of our favorites from the most recent meetings.

Holly F’s group (above) got the chance to review KIWI magazine, and were inspired by ideas from some of the latest issues. “We started the meeting off with a fashion show of my son’s Halloween costume that was inspired by KIWI’s October/November issue. Then we made the cornucopia craft that was featured in the same edition!”

Christina S and her group got the chance to try out O Organics Yogurt. To give the classic treats a twist, she served them up as parfaits at her sampling meeting (pictured above). “They were a hit! I layered several different flavors with graham crackers and fruit. Everyone loved them!”

Pam P hosted a National Geographic Holiday Book Boutique for her Moms Meet group (pictured above). She invited her friends into her home, where they all got the chance to check out some of the latest works from National Geographic. She said, “We really enjoyed the books and each other’s company.” Don’t forget you can visit and get an exclusive 30% discount off of National Geographic books, courtesy of Moms Meet and National Geographic!

Amandine H (above) went all out for her group’s sampling of organicgirl salads. “We made a grapefruit-avocado and kale salad, strawberry-banana-kale muffins (the kids loved them), and a citrus green smoothie.” They even got the chance to discuss the benefits of kale and healthy eating habits. To wrap up the meeting, everyone in her group swapped ideas and recipes!

Delia D’s (above) Moms Meet group recently got to sample Boiron’s Oscillococcinum. According to Delia, “All of the moms and the children got together and were super excited to try it out.” Hopefully it’ll help them fight off the flu this winter! 


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