Sampling fun: Check out the latest photos from Mom Ambassadors

Member Spotlight, Sampling Fun | April 17, 2014

We love to check out photos from our Mom Ambassadors’ sampling meetings! It’s so much fun to see their creative hosting ideas come to life. Next time you host a meeting, be sure to submit photos, because you could be featured on the Moms Meet blog plus you’ll automatically score coins towards the Rewards Program. Take a look at some of our more recent favorite pics below:

Angela W (pictured above) purchased a variety of Fresh Express salad kits to set up a salad bar for her group where everyone could create something customized to their tastes! Even the kids got in on the fun—according to Angela, some even went back for seconds!

Meghan K (shown above) got the chance to sample produce from Door to Door Organics. “We had so much fun sampling the organic foods!” she gushed. Kids and moms alike were big fans of the organic bananas. The popular opinion was that the bananas were the best they’d ever had, and the kiddos couldn’t get enough!

Janelle B’s group sampled the Harvest Snaps Snappea and Lentil Crisps. Her daughter (above), whose normally a very picky eater, was a big fan of the basil lentil flavor (and we totally agree. They’re totally addictive!).

Robin B’s group set up a special spread (displayed above) for their sampling of Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products! Every mom brought a messy snack to the group meeting for members to try while leaving some work for the cleaning products. Then each kid put on an apron and helped the moms clean up. Robin said, “It was a breeze thanks to the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Countertop Spray—and it made the kitchen smell so nice!”

Trudy Z’s group had a Saint Patrick’s Day-inspired get-together (pictured above). Everyone had the chance to try out the Earth Balance Butter Spreads and loved them. According to Trudy, “Many of the moms in my group are worried about GMOs and they were so happy to discover a spread that was totally GMO-free!”

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