Sampling Fun: Healthy Alternatives

Food & Recipes, Health & Wellness, Sampling Fun | July 1, 2015

Recently, many of our mom ambassadors sampled healthy alternatives of their favorite foods, including allergy-free pizzas from Daiya, meatless alternatives to burgers and hot dogs from Lightlife, sprouted grain bread from Silver Hills Bakery, and lactose-free cheese from GO Veggie! Check out a few photos of our moms in action below.

Jennifer P.’s entire family enjoyed Lightlife Smart Dogs at a family barbecue!

Annette L.’s husband is hard at work grilling up Lightlife Smart Dogs and Smart Patties for their sampling meeting. 

Stephanie P.’s group loved sampling Daiya pizzas, especially the kids!

Stacy G.’s group met at a local nature center on a beautiful day to sample Go Veggie! 

Sarah P. served up cheese sandwiches made with Go Veggie! Lactose Free Slices to her group. 

One of the youngest samplers in Brittany T.’s group, enjoying “The Big 16” variety of Silver Hills Bread on her ham sandwich during their lunch sampling!

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