Show Your #WildBlueberrySide with this Wild Blueberry Panini Recipe

Food & Recipes, Lunch | April 7, 2015

In honor of our #WildBlueberrySide Recipe Contest with the Wild Blueberry Association of North America (WBANA), I decided to get a little “wild” in the kitchen by creating my own unique recipe using wild blueberries. I thought a cheesy, sweet, and savory panini would be delicious, so I made my very own Wild Blueberry Panini! 

I found Wyman’s of Maine Wild Blueberries in the freezer section of my local Whole Foods. I wanted to create a blueberry topping for my panini, so I decided to make a recipe for Wild Blueberry Chutney that I found on the WBANA website. It turned out to be delicious, and it was very simple to make. Click here for the full recipe.

Wild Blueberry Panini


1 small loaf Ciabatta bread

1/2 pound hand-carved turkey

1/4 cup Wild Blueberry Chutney

1 small wedge of Delice de Bourgongne (or creamy cheese of your choice, such as Brie)

1 tbsp. butter

Handful of spinach

*Makes two sandwiches


Cut the ends off of the loaf of ciabatta bread. Slice in half to make two squares, and then slice the squares in half lengthwise to make a top and bottom.

Preheat a skillet or griddle over medium-high heat. If you have a panini maker, you can use that as well!

Butter the outer layers of each piece of ciabatta bread. Place on skillet to toast both sides until lightly golden brown. 

Carefully layer the turkey, cheese, and spinach on the bottom piece of the bread and spread the wild blueberry chutney on the top piece. Carefully place the top piece with the wild blueberry chutney on top of the other to create your sandwich. Using a cast iron grill lid or a spatula, carefully press down on the sandwich to compress it. Flip once and repeat.

Once the cheese is nice and melty, remove the panini from heat. Cut in half, serve, and enjoy!


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