6 Summertime Kids Activities

Family Fun & Activities, Parenting | May 27, 2021

Get your kids up and moving with six fun outdoor activities! Make the most of hot, sunny days and set your kids up for the best summer yet with high-energy activities they’re sure to love. From water fun to backyard parties, there’s something for every family to enjoy! 

Backyard Fun

Summertime fun can be as easy as stepping out the backdoor. Valerie from The Style Files put together a comprehensive list of all of the different activities you can do in your very own backyard. From a bubble machine, to sidewalk chalk, to scavenger hunts, she’s listed out over 20 activities to keep your little ones entertained. Check out the full list here

If you’re having an outdoor party or get-together this summer, check out these healthy and inexpensive food ideas from Meg, creator of Bored Mom. Her COVID-friendly backyard party spread is perfect for friends and family. If you’re trying to avoid using single-use plastic, she suggests stocking up on paper and biodegradable products when possible to reduce the amount of trash. Find her tips for a popping backyard party here.

Water Fun

The dog days of summer can be brutally hot. Adding a little water to the situation is a great way to help everyone stay cool while also encouraging play and exercise. One of Life with Kathy’s daughters’ favorite things to do during the summer is to play with water balloons. Her daughters love to fill them up, take them out, and throw them around. Check out her trick for getting the most out of a water balloon session here. 

Geri, creator of Made to Share to Care, has taken water balloon playtime to a new level with fun disks that let you bounce the balloons off of them. Not only do these help with games, they keep kids engaged for longer since the balloons don’t pop as quickly! Plus, once the water balloons do pop, you can use them as flying disks too. Check out some fun activities with them here. 


This year, get the kids involved in gardening. Samantha Lenz suggested getting My Fairy Garden to get kids involved. My Fairy Garden is a toy set that’s also a garden, allowing children to grow plants at home. Children plant the seeds and care for their garden, all while setting up and playing with adorable fairies, woodland friends and accessories. Check out her full review of it here.

Teaching her children the skills and love for gardening brings joy to Suzan, creator of Happy Mom Blogger. She loves seeing her kids’ huge smiles and excitement as they watch their plants grow. She also suggests that teaching them basic gardening skills will lead them to want to grow a garden for you in the future! Check out her tips on ways to get kids into gardening here. 

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